2 Tips to Make Webinars Valuable Teaching Moments

What is the typical format for a webinar, especially a free one?

Below is a common structure.

  • Opening introductions
    • 5 minute warm up
  • Strategy #1
    • 10 slides that take 20 minutes
  • Strategy #2
    • Another 10 slides that take 20 minutes
  • Upsell
    • 3 slides or sharing of landing page that takes 10 minutes
  • Wrap up
    • 5 minute close off

That is a total of 60 minutes of info coming at you.

We are used to such a webinar format, but why not make this a valuable learning experience for attendees who can then apply your ideas in a clear and confident way.

Active learners retain more, so consider making your webinar fun and engaging to be truly memorable.


To make your next webinar more constructive, follow these 2 simple tips:

  1. Change the delivery from a one-way communication mode to a two-way experience.
  2. Transfer your topic into their lives for greater involvement and understanding.

Two-Way Communication

Many webinars are one-way communication; that is, information moves from the host to the participant only and attendees don’t get to return information back. I get that as you can’t have 40+ people using their microphones. Yikes, that would be very noisy and chaotic!

As well, it’s challenging to respond to all the posted comments in the chat box (if you use one) unless you have an assistant to do that, but then, that’s not you answering the attendees.

However, there are simple ways to engage with your webinar participants, which are noted later in this article.

Enliven Your Topic

To make your topic more interesting, make it relevant to your attendees. They are keen on learning more of your topic to apply to their life – the very reason they are attending.

You can leverage this enthusiasm to make it a more memorable event that they can recall easier in the future. Review how to next.


Get their Attention

Start the webinar with gathering their view on your topic. They are adults with life and business experience, and showing consideration for this will get their attention.

Simply ask them what they know about the topic already, how they want to use it, or what burning questions they have.

  • Have them click pre-written responses in a poll survey, if that is a feature in your webinar platform.
  • Or, ask them to respond in the chat box and use 2 or 3 responses as an example throughout the webinar.

Instant personalization and relevancy.

Have Them Work It

Did you know that adults learners become saturated with info after 20 minutes of consuming it?

Stop talking at some point and let your participants catch up to digest the information, by facilitating a fun and short exercise. Do this twice in a one-hour webinar.

You are probably thinking this is a waste of valuable webinar time, but it is not. Allowing your attendees to really get your information and make it applicable to them will only increase their interest and commitment to you and your work.

Think of a fun exercise that will allow them to play with your topic, strategies, ideas, etc. What a relief this will be for participants who have been sitting there passively listening!

  • You can post a topic-related problem and have them solve it. After 3 minutes, show the answer on the next slide.
  • Have participants reflect on something meaningful and related to your topic. Keep it light so that attendees have time forming a response.

Show & Tell

Show how your topic is applied through a demonstration. Pre-make the final item (i.e. document, artwork, design, etc.) and unpack the steps to create it.

Next ask your participants to share a different style/approach they would use in the chat box, and choose one as an example of how it could work.


So how do you weave all this participation and learning into a webinar?

Your webinar could now look like this:

  • Opening introductions
    • Poll/ask about participant prior knowledge – 5 minutes
  • Strategy #1
    • 7 slides – 10 minutes
    • Exercise: Problem solving – 5 minutes
  • Strategy #2
    • 10 slides – 15 minutes
    • Exercise: Show & Tell – 10 minutes
  • Upsell
    • 3 slides or sharing of landing page – 10 minutes
  • Wrap up
    • Participant takeaway tips – 5 minutes


Your webinars will be so much more memorable if you make them interactive and include participants in your knowledge sharing.

This makes your information/topic relevant, easier to recall and personal. You exchange 20 minutes of fire-hose talking with their playing with your ideas and applying it to their own lives. What a win/win.


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