the lives you’ll change when you create your course.

Dr. Kelly builds learning journeys, not just online courses. Her course designs take students through a rich experience integrating a range of modern technologies with ol’ school methods and human contact. Courses designed with Dr. Kelly’s methodology sell because they deliver what people hunger for… to learn in an engaging and welcoming environment.

She brings everything she has discovered in the last 20 years about teaching, learning and people. Her design work is informed by her research, advanced degrees and mastered techniques.

As an ambassador of education, she sees learning as a privilege and catalyst to unprecedented growth. And this she wants to share with you and your students.

What kind of support do you need?

“Running a local business concurrently with developing a new online business was overwhelming. There were so many technological pieces to consider, support services to vet and marketing techniques to learn. Even after all that, I wasn’t done. I still had to develop my courses. I was over-stimulated and unfocused from all the business hats I was wearing as a soloprenuer. I couldn’t seem to make progress in course development. I was so frustrated. Putting out a quality product for my clients was critical to me so I enrolled in “Your Great and Gorgeous E-Course” (YG&GEC). It was exactly what I needed. Kelly’s process and her support gave me the focus and clarity I needed to move forward. When I finished YG&GEC I was already writing lessons that directly supported the vision for my course and the outcomes that I wanted for my clients. Equally important, I now have Kelly’s process to use in future course development so I will never have to go through the frustration that I used to feel. I will actually be able to enjoy course writing now.”

Charlotte Spencer