Your fear of teaching is merely a stuck voice


You would love to teach others.

You might have had a twinkle of a vision of helping people learn your craft, your way of doing something that has been the pinnacle of your success.


… Who am I to teach? What do I know?

… What if my students know more than me and see I’m a fake?

… What do I teach after the first week?

… What if they challenge me with tough questions?

… How can I replicate the style of my favourite teacher?

Rather than thinking you need to deliver a course like one of the ‘Internet Superstars’ why not start where you are?  (And sometimes their courses aren’t so great.)

Try to deliver your teachings in smaller ways by…

  • creating a small lesson in PDF form of about 5 pages with illustrations
  • developing a teaching slideshow and inviting a handful of peers or fans to a live webinar to present it to them (don’t forget a Q&A session afterwards)
  • writing a series of blog posts that put together teach something
  • providing free training to someone over the phone or Skype

And yes, it will require an investment of courage, time, and perhaps costs. But the satisfaction of truly helping others is so worth it. And it comes back to you, believe me.

So un-stick that voice of yours. Move in front of others and teach them what you know, what you can build, and what you can do. It’s needed.

Still need convincing?

  • Check out Jen Louden’s TeachNow email series – she’ll make you fall in love with teaching.
  • Consider joining my Facebook group and openly ask me or other members about ideas for teaching your thing. We’ll be there waiting for you :0)


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