The doctor is in.

You’re a big-time business star, charismatic coach or impactful internet maven.

You’re crafting your legacy: through content creation, speaking engagements, powerful client work and brave leadership.

You know your stuff.

That’s why you’ve gone and created a fantastic online course brimming with insights, expertise, and hard-earned experience.

You’ve put everything into this project: all your best efforts.

But for some reason, it’s just not turning out the results you’d like to see.


  • the work you’re striving to share with the world is complex (just like you!) and the topic delivery is thick or muddy
  • your learners aren’t executing to the level you know they’re capable of
  • producing a cohesive course is just not in your particular zone of genius, and after countless hours of refining, re-writing and restructuring, your course is still not where you want it to be.
  • your MO is to strive for high-level integrity and impeccability in everything you create, and you’d like a second opinion before you launch.

This is where the doctor comes in.

So if you want to…

  • Produce a top-flight program to match your impeccable brand and business
  • Deliver incredible results to match your e-course’s premium price point
  • Learn invaluable course strategy that will serve you moving forward

Then let’s talk about how I bring your e-course to it’s fullest fruition.

When I talked with Dr. Kelly Edmonds about my signature course Conscious Business Design, I was at an interesting crossroads in my business. I knew the material inside Conscious Business Design worked – with dozens and dozens of testimonials to prove it! But spending 6 months a year running and coaching inside this program was limiting my availability to work on other projects while still delivering a great experience for my students.

Dr. Kelly worked with me to put together a comprehensive support system around the course itself. She helped me to create a plan to train a handful of Success Coaches who could provide ongoing support inside the program and strategies to encourage peer support with other participants. We also mapped out a clear roadmap for students so they wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed with all the materials and would instead have a clear idea of the next benchmark to reach.

While were just starting this round with some of the updates, I’ve already heard amazing feedback from returning students that this was exactly what they needed to feel more empowered by Conscious Business Design.

Racheal Cook, Business Strategist

Kelly, I just wanted to let you know something that this morning I received 2 emails from my course participants (I’ve been receiving at least one almost every day), and they both brought me to tears. With your help, my course went from being informative and interesting, to deeply transformative, engaging and very fun (for me AND the students). It is truly a thing of beauty and great power now and I have your suggestions to thank for a big part of that. Thank you.

Susan Fauman, Yoga and Ayurveda Specialist

With Your E-Course Check-Up you’ll receive…

A deep and thorough investigation into your course to identify missing elements and remove aspects that may be negatively affecting learners

Highly effective research-based techniques for improving the e-course experience and the learners’ results

A customized, detailed report on recommended changes and easy step-by-step implementation that even your team could handle

Best practices for online learners that distill years of learning theory into practical, actionable guidelines

Here’s a brief overview of the process:

Evaluate AND

We’ll discuss all the successes and challenges you’ve had with your course, analyze your learners and review your current goals.


I’ll do a thorough examination of your e-course and then I’ll assess with surgical precision on how you can take it to the next level.

Advise and Guide:

Through a consult and detailed report, you’ll receive recommendations for transforming your course, and powerful strategies on how to implement changes with a goal to employ significant tweaks, not total rewrites.

Kelly’s suggestions for improving my Launch It and Profit program came at a good time as we were preparing for another round. She pointed out areas to organize the content in a way that prepared learners for in-depth lessons helping them to digest and apply complex information. She also suggested visual ways to display connected information to help launchers see patterns.

Having her expert eyes review my course gave us a solid foundation and roadmap to improve the interface of our e-course member area, and to improve the learning experience of my students.

Nathalie Lussier, Business and Digital Strategist

I was amazed at how Kelly was able to listen to my needs for this course and understand what I wanted to design and then offer me some simple yet tangible ideas on how to really make my program shine! I wish I had been working with her from the very start but was so pleased that she could give my course a “check-up” to assess what I had created so far and then point me in the right direction on where I needed to go. Her assessment was by no means superficial, she really took a deep look at what I had created and I’m grateful for that.

Chrissy Gruninger, Yoga Teacher & Happiness Coach

Starting Rates:

$1450 for a deep review
Written and presented recommendations

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