Why Build a Course, Anyway?

Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, seems to have an online course. It is the most trendy new info product (or service) to have. And there are many good reasons why:

  • It serves many customers at once
  • You build it once and sell over and over
  • It nicely bottles your wisdom in a way you can share
  • You increase trust for upselling later
  • It’s easier to create the next course and bundle them


They can’t seem to get enough of learning. The reasons behind this are:

  • People are innately wired to survive, thus want to better their skills
  • People feel the pressure to hold onto their jobs and be more fit and beautiful
  • Current course offers are too sweet and easy to buy and consume



Naturally, if you are running your own business you have talent and skills that you are currently selling. It might seem like many others are doing the same as you, but why do customers come to you, then? What uniqueness do you bring to your work? I bet there are one or two special spins, pools of knowledge and titillating talent you bring to the table.

This uniqueness can be translated into an online course – your spin, your vibe and your boiled-down wisdom tucked into an online info product.


Too many marketing ploys state it takes ‘minutes’ to produce an e-course. Balderdash, I create e-courses every single day for clients, and I teach my students how to, as well. There is no way in heaven you can whip up one of those puppies. Instead, like any big project it takes time to plan, execute and launch.

Check out my blog post on how much an e-course really costs, and how long it takes to create one. There is my reality check for you :0)

Once you have read that post, pop back here and let’s continue this conversation.


Work through the following checklist to determine what you have currently in your arsenal to build a course. Then tally your score.

I have a solid idea that I believe is needed in the marketplace and I have already polled my peeps. 10 points
I have already created an online course of some kind and it went pretty well. 10 points
I have taken a number of online courses, and learned from that experience on what works and doesn’t. 10 points
I have been exploring types of course platforms, or at least read good discussions about them. 10 points
I have a ton of content, on paper and in my head, that can be used in my courses. 10 points
I’ve always wanted to teach and to express my inner teacher. Students are my new jam. 10 points
I am pretty clear on ways students can and should engage online. Most of this coming from experience. 10 points
I have decided courses will be part of my new revenue stream. It’s a business strategy. 10 points
I have the support around me to build a course (I.e. time, people, money, software tools, etc.) 10 points
My idea is quite unique compared to other online courses being offered. I’ve got this. 10 points


If you scored 70 or higher, you are quite ready to jump into the commitment of creating and launching a course. Bravo! You have the awareness, market sense, materials and support to do this.

If you scored lower, don’t be discouraged! Now, you are more aware of how ready you need to be and how to work towards that. You won’t be one of those people blindly going into this project, and ending up frustrated, burnt out and disappointed in product sales. Nope, you’ve got smart plans now.


Can you build an online course? Absolutely! Anyone can that has the skills, talent and energy like you.

But take my advice and walk into this project with your eyes wide open, and turn off the noise about ‘how simple it is to create a course’ and the ‘promised 6 figures you will gain on your first offer’. Sheesh, that’s all nonsense.

I hope this article has helped you make the right decision to jump in or get more prepared. Look around this website for more resources on building an e-course.

Maybe one day we will see yours out there! I’ll be watching.

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