What entrepreneur students REALLY want

I’ve taught and created online courses in 3 sectors for university and college students, corporate staff, and now entrepreneur students.  All three sectors have different needs when it comes to learning and so do their students.

The entrepreneur students wants to know HOW to do something and they want to know NOW.

And rightly so….

Online entrepreneurs are a fast growing sector chasing after the ever expanding online retail business. Simply put, people shop online and it’s a potentially lucrative business selling to them.

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Being an entrepreneur, and most certainly a solopreneur (single biz owner), means we have to wear a lot of hats and perform many tasks.

It. is. flipping. hard.  … to run a business by yourself.

Albeit, you might have a team, but you need to know what to ask of them and monitor what they are doing.

If the entrepreneur is bootstrapping their operation as many are (they are spending as they make it or borrowing the money) they are very motivated to learn HOW to perform the many roles they find themselves in versus outsourcing the tasks.

What do entrepreneurs need to learn?

Considering the many hats they have to wear, entrepreneurs want to learn about the following tasks:

  • Web design
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Social media engagement
  • Graphic design
  • Content design
  • Course design
  • Finance management
  • Customer relations
  • Selling
  • Systematizing
  • Legalities


This is one heck of a daunting task list and I don’t think entrepreneurs understand what they are getting into. I didn’t!

I’ve taken the path of being an online retail business selling my educational products since January 2014, and have almost quit 3 times and returned to the design service of my company.

… but I’m like a terrier with a bone. I don’t let go easily. To add, I completed 3 degrees IN A ROW finishing up at age 49. Meaning… I can work hard.

But running an online business in the free market is tough. No one really says this, but I am.

Which leads me to…

How do entrepreneurs need to learn?

Entrepreneur students need:

  • quick lessons that are to the point and effective
  • current content
  • easy access to the course materials and resources anytime, anywhere
  • resources that are easy to grab and use in the business planning and operation TODAY
  • learning provided on two levels: basic and more complex; from general to specific
  • courses that 3 to 4 weeks long
  • someone to connect with and ask application questions

From what I’ve personally experienced, and seen of other entrepreneurs, is we take too many courses trying to increase our knowledge and abilities in the many roles we play.

In many online courses, the HOW is missing.

I’ve had students take my course, because they find others are not showing them how to do something.

The courses have lots of what and example but are missing the application part.

Creating courses materials on how to do something takes much more time to develop but makes the course more valuable.

Show them HOW to do something with:

  • step-by-step instructions
  • detailed illustrations
  • demo videos
  • examples of final products with narrated critique
  • suggestions for more tools and resources to use/buy

When you create your next online course, please consider this note.

Happy designing!


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