Usefulness of online tools

I recently presented some brief ideas on the features of learning technologies that instructors/teachers might want to consider. Click to see slides in slideshare:

Some of these ideas/comments come from my own research and others from the literature and informal sources, such as blogs, along with my experience as a long-time online student. I think, in the advent of Web 2.0 technologies, if we merge the uber cool features of learning technologies with how humans learn (and can possibly learn), we might just come up with interesting methods. Learning has to come first, followed by new ways of engaging and building knowledge. 

The latter concepts are emerging in the field of technology but still need to be questioned, especially through the eyes of a student. That is, in my opinion, much is idealized about what students need via learning, communication, and information technologies. However, as a student who has taken over 30 academic courses online with Canadian universities some suggestions are idealistic. More testing of the ideas are needed and pursued through discussions. Let’s keep thinking, trying, sharing, and discussing. It’s best to play and try out ideas without reservation. Virtual networks are great support for this.

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