Time to think

Thomas Homer-Dixon in his book “The Ingenuity Gap: Can we Solve Problems of the Future?” brings up a good pont. We are becoming overwhelmed by the amount of accessible information. I would also add the increase in real-time communications and information networks is overwhelming requiring new skills in organizing and managing them. But, how does one keep up with all the conversations, postings, and new technology products? I have a list of 30 software products I want to explore!

However, Homer-Dixon states the offside to this abundance of info  is we aren’t stopping to reflect, critically think, or merely ponder new ideas or old ideas. This could be critical to finding possible solutions to social, economical, environmental, and health problems. The world is moving quite fast. At times, I find the postings through blogs, articles, etc. are rehashed and repeated. This requires a lot of time to mine through, time I don’t have. Yet, I do appreciate that others are filtering information for me and I tend to monitor their online posts.

But, stopping and removing ourselves from the barrage of information provided through technologies would make for a healthier life and give time for important thoughts to come forward. Just stop and reflect. It’s okay.

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