Mini power courses are your next Minimum Value Product. Learn how to build one.

The POWER behind a mini course

A new way to create a smaller version of an online course is a Mini Power Course©.

What is it?

A Mini Power Course is not a smaller version of a whole course – it is one targeted lesson (or module) that will impact your students in some way. It’s really the first step to doing something – it’s teaching your thing with one simple action that brings immediate results.

Instant gratification and results are burning desires in the marketplace, so the mini power course strategy is perfect for the people who need to see a specific change in their life or biz now.

With a mini power course you can start the build of your larger course, sell the wee learning nugget now, build a market of interest, and help others quickly and affordably. It’s a win-win!

The Benefits?

A mini power course is aligned and can be used within a larger course or offering that you are planning.

In the meantime, while you are planning your bigger offering, students can

  • access and apply your power lesson,
  • make positive changes or adjustments to their personal or business life,
  • get to know you and your work,
  • not invest a large amount of money or time to learn, and
  • become primed for your larger offering when launched.


I just finished my mini course thanks to Kelly’s “Creating a Mini Power Course”…  I am beyond grateful to have walked away with tips that I was able to apply immediately!

~ Gabriella Lassiter


What’s Involved?

There are 10 small steps to create the quickest and most useful online course.

The time commitment will be 20 – 30 hours max before you publish and sell your Mini Power Course.



mini power course table


I’m so grateful I took the time to check out Kelly’s guide on strategies to create a mini power e-course of my own! Before I participated I was feeling really overwhelmed with all aspects of creating my course, but know I have a ton of valuable content to get out there.

~ Alicia Kent


The mini power course is your next viable product that takes little time, effort or money to create. Give a try but sketching out what will be in your mini course. You might be surprised how easy it is to build soon.

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