E-Course Development – Part 4: The Minimum Value Product

This article will help you with the final leap of your next e-course development. Cowgirl style!

No more hours of pulling your hair out.
No more blank stares at your computer.
No more fear about putting it out there.

Here are SOLID STEPS to build your first or next e-course:

STEP 1: Don’t create a course unless you see a demand for that information, experience or skillset. READ HOW HERE

STEP 2: Break down your main lessons into connected sub-lessons or tasks – think bite-size pieces. READ HOW HERE

STEP 3: Include the basic segments of one lesson with the best suited technology. READ HOW HERE


I’ve spoken about the mini power course strategy before – a minimum value product that you can quickly create and market while slowly and cautiously building your larger course.

Here is how you can start yours:

  • Review your Sherlock Holme’s sleuth results (see Step 1 above)
  • Determine the solution your course will solve for your audience and break it down into doable lessons (see Step 2 above)
  • Sketch out one lesson with all the key elements and chosen technology (see Step 3 above)
  • Create that one lesson and sell it. Yup, just the one lesson (this is Step 4)


Your one lesson should have a call to action and provide your student with some outcome that will help solve their problem. That is, help solve the initial stages of a problem as your future fuller course will go deeper.

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Don’t’ want a full course? No prob. Solve one wee problem.

Your one-lesson course provides the following benefits FOR YOU:

  • It takes 20 to 30 hours to create from design to launch
  • It’s a focused, short & sweet learning piece
  • You save time, money, effort and stress compared to building a full course
  • You can use affordable or free technologies
  • You get to test your course developer legs
  • You can test your market without a huge investment and get feedback
  • Your one lesson can be used in your fuller course
  • You obtain a ready-made market to offer your fuller course or other offering

Your one-lesson course provides the following benefits FOR YOUR STUDENTS:

  • They can purchase something valuable for an affordable price
  • It’s something they can apply to their personal or biz life quickly
  • They get to know you and have a taste of your work without a big commitment
  • They can join your learning community to meet other like-minded people
  • They can find solutions through you now and at a later time


Be sure to obtain feedback from your students by listening to their comments in your learning community (i.e. Facebook group), surveying them and seeing who has completed your mini power course.

Overall, this will inform you what they want to learn (and not want to learn), and what to tweak in your one lesson. This info is invaluable to you so that you can create the best course that is in demand.

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