Tech that is here now

The Horizon Report for 2007 is a good brief on the modern technology learning institutes face and use today. Key trends were:

  • higher ed is changing with an increase in DE, demands from nontraditional students and cost cutting efforts
  • the world is becoming more globalized changing  how we work, collaborate and communicate
  • information literacy skills are more required than before
  • the review of faculty work and rewards are not in line with new forms of scholarship
  • students’ perception of tech and its use are not the same as faculty

Technologies upon us:

  • user-created content apps, social networking, mobile phones, virtual worlds, new forms of publication and educational gaming.

Thus, challenges have been:

  •  the assessment of new forms of creative work
  • visionary leaders taking opportunities of new expressions of scholarship, research and learning
  • unclear standards for copyrights and intellectual property with digital material
  • effective use of media in presenting work; allowing new forms of interaction via collaboration
  • delivering content and services, anytime and anywhere, to mobile and personal devices.

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