Students need FEEDBACK. 82% will succeed!

One thing that learners want, anywhere and any time, is feedback on their work. Hello, is anyone there to tell me if I am doing this right? Plz! Hello?

However, providing feedback is highly overlooked in learning. More realistically, instructors are overwhelmed by providing feedback as it can become so time consuming. Thus, we tend to hide our heads and hope student will figure it out.

Errrr, no. Not good. And the student feels ignored…

 Tips on providing feedback in e-courses without burning out

For facilitated e-courses

  • Use the learning community in the course (i.e. other learners) to comment on each others work in private discussion areas. Think ‘show and tell’.
  • Have learners work in small groups on a project (preferably short but meaningful) and encourage them to communicate via their own means. The feedback they will get from their group members will be relevant and immediate.
  • Setup peer reviews where learners exchange work with another learner. Have them comment on each others work. WARNING: This requires communication rules and specific criteria to evaluate.
  • Roll up your sleeves and review a piece of central work for every student. They are needing to hear from you, too.

For self-directed e-courses

  • Include quizzing so they can check their understanding (called self-assessment)
  • Provide concrete examples of the work expected of them. Modelling is the most powerful way to learn.
  • Encourage them to find and follow the work of an expert or someone they admire, so they can learn how to replicate their work. Provide some sources.
  • List some active online communities relevant to the course topic they can join and share their ideas. The web is alive with such communities.
  • Share stories and case studies, especially yours, to show how something can be developed.

Happy learners are those that are supported during their learning.

Feedback makes all the difference between learning and NOT learning.

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