Student Spotlight: Susan Wheeler-Hall

Name of course: Living Well When Unwell


As part of her newly branded living-well coaching website,, Susan will showcase this course as one of her services and her signature program. However, it is just being finalized and will be live by month end. In the meantime, there is a landing page for the actual online course at:


It is inevitable that our health will decline and we’ll experience states of “unwellness”. In addition to aging factors, unexpected health changes occur either by accident (i.e. motor vehicle injuries), or through illnesses such as cancer, stroke, MS, etc., or through less obviously known causes (i.e. exposure to toxins, or medication reactions).

While the roster of diseases and illnesses are extensive, the process of positive adjustment is universal. The Living Well When Unwell online course guides and supports learners through this adjustment process by shifting their beliefs about illness.

Learning Objectives:

This is a facilitated course that provides guided support and builds a strong element of community building.  The Living Well When Unwell online course will allow students to;

  • Identify harmful patterns of resistance and self-sabotage
  • Implement physical and emotional coping strategies
  • Infuse and strengthen self-acceptance practices
  • Cultivate self-compassion and spiritual exploration


Each course iteration is comprised of a small group (10-12) of people coping with a variety of different health challenges. Attendees are world-wide but converse in English.


Course Dashboard

Course Dashboard


Course Lesson

Course Lesson

Course Details:

  • Frequency: 4 times a year  (Winter – Jan., Spring – April, Summer – July, Fall – Sept.)
  • Length: 6 weeks – 40 days total.
  • Each week starts with the release of a content specific module.
  • Format: Lessons are provided in: text, video, video scribes (cartoon), images, audio.
  • Activities: reading, watching, listening, creative writing and discussion prompts, exercises, and web conference attendance.
  • Group discussions take place throughout the week within the course content area, plus a group web conference occurs every Friday.
  • *Confidentiality is paramount in this course.


Private and secure teaching platform known as Ruzuku.


$297.00 (US funds).

Creator’s Comments:

“Initially, this project began as a book but half way through I decided to instead create an online course. The hardest part about this transition was determining what information, how much information, and in what style the information needed to be delivered to be conducive to online learning. I found myself drowning in content until I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Kelly Edmonds when I purchase her “Your Great and Gorgeous E-Course” program.

The course Blueprint constructed by Kelly essentially gave me a user’s manual for building my own course. Not simply a how-to formula but an actual map relevant and specific to my material and my course purpose. Our conversations were effective and very encouraging; the course really took shape.

I recently completed the first beta version of Living Well When Unwell and it was beautifully successful. Attendees felt supported and experienced a “shift”. In fact, by popular demand we’ve created an alumni group to keep the supported self-learning moving forward. I took the time to review Kelly’s blueprint for the course and boy, it was spot on!” ~ Susan Wheeler-Hall, BA, BSW, NGH

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