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Student Spotlight: Setting the Project Sponsor Up for Success

Name of the Course: Project Sponsor Guide



My conviction is that the role of a Project Sponsor is the most important role in any change programme. Yet it is probably the least understood in a project management context and least supported in terms of training and coaching support. This is why I have developed an online course for Project Sponsors.

“Setting the Project Sponsor up for Success” is the course that delivers the basic set-up for any Project Sponsor looking to fine-tune their performance in the role. The course takes them through a journey of discovery and learning – with it they will start on a journey to become a more effective and visible Project Sponsor. They will save time in the long run, be less stressed and have better results (more projects on time in budget to quality).

The course explores how their traditional way of working in the project context might have caused them overwhelm and placed too much on their plate. They will better understand their role, eliminate assumptions and define the role for their specific circumstances to then formalize and agree to it with the team. They will also reflect on where they might have some skills gaps and actively establish a powerful action plan to form new and better Project Sponsor habits.

Learning Objectives

  • Module 1: How to empower the Project Sponsor role (perceptional change)
  • Module 2: Revolutionise the Project Sponsor role (strategy building)
  • Module 3: Change your habits to be a successful Project Sponsor (taking action)

Target audience

Senior managers in organisations, they could be finance managers, directors, middle or senior managers in all sectors, all functions. Wherever there is a project, there should be a senior person sponsoring it and performing the role well!

Landing Page of Course

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Lesson Page

Activity Page

Main benefits for learners

  • Better understanding of the role of Project Sponsor
  • Embrace a role description tailored to their circumstances
  • Develop clear communication around how they want to work with the project team
  • Create a baseline of their performance and clarity about areas for Improvement
  • Develop a clear powerful action plan to become a better project sponsor
  • Practice habit building to develop new sponsor behaviours

Course Design

  • Course is laid out over 3 weeks, 1.5-2 hours’ time investment per week
  • It is an online course, hosted on Thinkific and is made up of 3 major lessons/units.
  • Lessons are a combination of video, voice over slides, text lessons, PDF documentation, reflective journal and supplementary writable PDF worksheets
  • Material repository for easy retrieval of checklists and templates
  • 12 months access to materials
  • One-time payment of: GBP 197 (inclusive of any applicable VAT and other taxes or levies which are imposed or charged by any competent authority.)

Course Platform

I chose the Thinkific hosted platform for ease of membership administration and functionality of their lessons. It was a steep learning curve and I had a lot of rework, as the chosen formats did not always do what I wanted them to do.

What I have to say, the support ( is amazing and I have usually received an answer to my questions within 1 working day.

As I had worked out my course blueprint (developed during my taking the program: E-Course Creation Incubator with Dr. Kelly Edmonds), I had collated all the materials in a word document and then started filling the lesson pages according to what activity I needed or what format I thought was the most appropriate for the specific learning experience.


“I have worked on many Change Programmes and I can’t think of many examples where Project Sponsorship was carried out inline with Best Practices. Most Project Sponsors would benefit from this guidance!”

~ Transformation Director

Creator’s Comments

“Although I have delivered many on-site training sessions in the Change Management context, I felt I had some basics to learn on how to put together an online course. I found Dr. Kelly’s E-Course Creation Incubator program, and the outcome of the program was to produce the blueprint for my first online course (described above) and understand the makings of rich lessons.

Once I had a robust structure and had selected the tools and platforms I wanted to use, the actual “writing” of the course was easy. My key learning was that I needed to limit the material I wanted to cover and to package it into bite-sized chunks. Thanks to the blueprint approach I can now turn the remaining material into at least 4 more courses. I can’t wait – now course design is fun!”

~ Cathrin Kolb, Creator of Setting the Project Sponsor up for Success