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I help people work mindfully with their new pups, especially those newly acquired at Christmas.

Here is my story:

I sent surveys to dog parents who had a new puppy. I was surprised to discover that none of them were aware that a huge number of Christmas puppies (as high as 60% in some areas of the US last year) end up in shelters within 6 months. And none of them knew that their dog would be going through a fear imprinting cycle between 8-9 weeks and another fear imprinting cycle again from 6-14 months.

They knew about the importance of training but many ran out of time to watch lengthy videos or try to implement all of that material – they became discouraged that there was no one to talk to about their specific dog’s issues. Many said they gave up on local classes due to family and work schedules; yet, their pup kept growing and running amuck little by little.

I’ve watched my own feral dog suffer from not being properly handled as a puppy. Her life is much better now and she lives in our house. But neurologically, she will likely never reclaim her puppy innocence, optimism and vitality. She lost it because someone thought she could figure life out on her own. But dogs are family animals and need our support in order to grow confidently and to thrive.

As I developed a plan for working with and training their sweet pup, this new online course emerged. I spent a lot of time over the past year in dog shelters from coast to coast, teaching pups – I share what I’ve learned in the course.

In only 6 weeks, you will discover and put into practice simple, fun ways to know how to help your pup to focus, get calm, be well-behaved and bond with the people in their life.

Course Structure:

The content platform offers interactive exercises that show you how to teach pups the foundational behaviors that they need to know to navigate in a human world. And you learn specific methods and practices to establish deeper levels of bonding and trust to become the sun of your pup’s universe.

  • The intention of this fun, interactive course is to provide simple tools and practices so that you can easily work through the challenges that can occur during the first 4 years of your dog’s life.
  • The course builds layers of tools that need to be developed for a dog who is moving through stages of neurological and physical development. If the stages are ignored, science shows that challenging behavioral issues develop and they last for a lifetime.
  • Every exercise and practice that you learn will teach you how to lead with your heart, be totally focused and present for your dog, and know how to communicate with your dog effectively so that your dog can understand you.
  • You will feel confident that in the years to come that you created a solid foundation so your puppy can mature into a happy, cooperative, loving member of your family.

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Course Lesson:



Online Community:

In addition, students have access to a private and dynamic Facebook group where they can share ideas and photos of their pup-journey with other pup parents, and ask questions.

Target Audience:

  • Dog parents with dogs 4 years old and younger.
  • Some will be pet parents who are getting a new pup this holiday season, or who have a young dog in their life who is acting out for the pet parent, their family and friends.
  • And some dog parents have adopted a shelter dog who missed exposure and learning during the critical socialization and imprinting stages during the first few months or years of the dog’s life.

Course Details:

The Mindful Pup Parenting Course™ is an interactive, self-paced online course that is filled with what we call “games”, tools and valuable resources.

  • 6-week course, including 4 modules at a price of $497

See the website for bonuses and early bird pricing.


The course was built on the Thinkific course platform.

Lessons are delivered in a variety of multimedia including PDF’s, slide shows, audio recordings, visuals, video and a forum built into the course so sharing and questions are part of each lesson.


Lee’s understanding of animals goes beyond the physical.
“The first time I met Katie, the stray female dog at Lee’s home, she was very shy, wouldn’t look at me and kept her distance. A mostly feral dog a year ago, Lee’s dog, Katie, now responds to her name, accepts treats by hand, and enjoys gentle massages. She even sat down when I asked her. Lee’s connection and understanding of animals goes beyond the physical. Her endless patience and dedication to understand the spiritual purposes of animals has led her to create these new courses that will have a profound impact on the lives of many dogs and people.”

Myra Logan, Animal Communicator and Author

Okay…I’m hooked. I’m fascinated now. I’m in.
“I wanted more knowledge. Not just being told that I should be walking my dog for hours or giving her medication. I had only one way now: to hold her, calm her, and attend to my other dog who’s sometimes been injured by my rescue dog. I like your holistic approach of really taking care of and healing the dog, not just training them. I want to see some new and different tools and techniques. I only know of one trainer on TV. I tried his technique, to hold onto her, and make her stay calm. I also found a local trainer who uses positive techniques and I like her alot. And yet after four years, I had to wonder if there’s a better way? Okay…I’m hooked. I’m fascinated now. I’m in.”

Ashe Woodward, Success Coach and Writer for “Being Thirty Blog

Creator’s Comments:

“I was so unsure of how to take so much information and translate it into something that would be simple, fun and effective for pet parents. And then I met Dr. Kelly. She was instrumental in my goal for the course to feel totally unique and invaluable.

She helped me to find the blueprint for the course and then carefully guided me to discover a variety of media to help students become learners rather than being passive video watchers.

One of my first questions for her was how I could offer an online course that’s not just a cookie-cutter, video course that yields more yawn than learning. As we developed the course, her ideas and questions helped me to make the course dynamic and interactive and she kept me focused on the learning goals and outcomes that I wanted for the students.

So I was thrilled to have her guide me with a follow-up course review. Her background in online adult education, her optimism and encouraging personality, and her unique gifts in creating courses have me lined up to be her student for years to come.”

~ Lee Kemter, Creator of Mindful Pet Parenting

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