Easy E-Course Starter Kit

Enliven Your Teaching Excitement!

“Creating a course is the simplest, most straightforward process out there!”. said nobody in the history of ever. I get it: when most people even begin to think about their course, they stop dead in their tracks like a doe in headlights. That’s because most future-teachers have so much information and expertise…they can barely wrap their heads around where to begin! Sound familiar?

That’s why I’ve created the Easy E-course Starter Kit…a foundational launch-pad that will help you structure your course with ease.


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In this carefully thought-out package, you’ll receive…

  • Most important steps to plan an e-course: I’ll give you an easy, point-by-point process for creating your best online course. No more procrastinating!
  • Engaging design instructions to satisfy your learner’s needs: So many courses out there ignore the necessary design to keep learners engaged and fulfilled. I’ll give you the tools to make you stand out and deliver deep value.
  • Worksheets to help capture all your e-course ideas: Experience a guided learning experience with tools to help you along the way.
  • Expert level planning tips and insights: As an expert in the field, I’ll make sure you’ve got foundational course strategy to ensure you’re set for success!
  • The guidance you need to focus in on one good course idea and expound upon it.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s free! Download it now and get started!

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I just finished the free Easy E-Course Starter Kit Kelly offers and wow! It’s exactly what I need to get going on developing my first online course. Kelly provides a clear, step by step process that has really helped me focus and frame my course to provide the best experience for my clients. She packs in a lot of information and resources and explains why it is so important to consider my client’s various learning styles. Kelly is an online learning expert and this starter kit proves it!

Eve Gaudet

Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant


I just applied Kelly’s instructional design tips to my e-course outline and doing so made it SO much more exciting to finish it! She helped me pull together my content in a way that will be much more effective and interesting for students, while infusing my unique take on the dry subject topic of email management. I highly recommend you check out this amazing, free resource!

Sage Linden

Organizing & Productivity Consultant


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