Singing newspapers

Copyright by renjith krishnan

I had the oddest yet most vivid dream the other day. In my dream my husband was reading a novel and he asked me if I heard a noise coming from the speakers in the other room. We both went into the other room and noticed when he opened the book a sound started of birds chirping. It seemed his book gave off sound effects when he opened it. We thought that was neat.

Then, in my dream, the same happened to me when I opened a newspaper. To make hear sound we needed to have our wireless connection active and our stereo speakers on. I decided to patent the idea.
Upon awakening and recalling this episode I began to think this was an interesting concept – to have a multi-sensory experience when reading. Though somewhat like a singing greeting card (the ones that are embarrassing to open in the store) the sound effects when reading would be more subtle – almost out of ear range. For instance, there could be the soft sound of a heartbeat during an exciting excerpt, or the wind rustling when reading about nature, etc.
Technically, it would require inserting a very small microchip-like apparatus into the pages that looped a sound file. The technology is already there – it’s a matter of manufacturing it.
I have decided not to patent it, but if you ever experience a singing newspaper or book in the future, think of me.

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