Create Your E-Course Blueprint

Go Pro with Your Program Design

Creating an online course without a blueprint is like getting into a kayak and pushing off the pier—without some oars, or a map. (A great tactic for finding adventure. But probably not what you had in mind for course creation!)

Moreover, structuring a course can be just downright intimidating, until now.


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You might be having thoughts like…

  • “Planning modules and lessons is totally overwhelming”
  • “Structuring assignments and assessments feels too damn difficult”
  • “How can I apply something advanced like learning theory without an education degree?”
  • “How could I possibly make sure I create a complete product…and don’t miss anything?”

Guess what? You’re not alone. Most people feel this way, and that’s why I created this program. By the time you’re done with it, your plan will be fully fleshed out and your journey will be smooth-sailing.

Why this is different…

Over many years of high-level course development, I’ve developed a clear, effective and step-by-step process to creating course blueprints. This system has been used to craft courses for multimillion dollar enterprises and solo entrepreneurs alike, and I’ve streamlined it so that now, you too can use it on your own, and benefit from all my years of research and implementation. In fact, this system is so popular, I’ve used it to create 30 blueprints in 2015 alone!

Within the Create Your E-Course Blueprint, you’ll receive end-to-end guidance on how to determine the core design of your course, including:

  • Four concrete and comprehensive steps to planning a superior course.
  • Guided conceptualization to develop your big idea.
  • A discovery process to determine relevant goals—both overall and for each specific lesson.
  • Comprehension of applicable learning theories and six tried-and-true examples to guide on you choosing the right one.
  • Deep focus on essential lesson components, including lesson approach, presentation, content format, learning activities, assessments and resources.
  • An integrated process: your course will possess a core framework and foundation that will flow throughout all aspects of your lessons and presentation.
  • Rolling examples within your lessons of a developing course blueprint—enabling you to build out your own course easily and with proper formatting.
  • Modalities that help you stay engaged and excited as you learn, including quizzes, visualizations, videos and written content.

So, do you want to take the guesswork out of building an e-course?

And gain access to the same exact model I’ve carefully developed for high-level businesses?

And learn in an easy, straightforward, frustration-free way?

Then it’s time to get the Create Your E-Course Blueprint!

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I was originally hesitant to hire Dr. Kelly to help design a course blueprint for us because I felt like I had already created successful online courses on my own… but, I’m SO glad I hired her! Her blueprint and vision for our next course was off the charts! Her background and expertise in “online learning delivering results” is unmatched, and worth its weight in gold. I feel 100% confident in her ability to architect online courses that get people to actually learn and implement what they’re studying. For that reason you’d better work with her on your next project before her prices go up or she gets booked out for months!

Nathalie Lussier

Digital Strategist

Working with Kelly was exactly what I needed as I put together my new ecourse. From how to structure content, to creating the best possible learning environment, to helping participants have quick wins along the way, Kelly covered so many details that I just wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. If you’re ready to go pro with your ecourse, you need her eyes on it so you’re launching something that’s truly designed for learning.

Maggie Patterson

Copywriter & Communications Strategist

Insanely great resource alert: I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Kelly on a Course Blueprint. TALK ABOUT OVER-DELIVERING. We were so blown away by the complete class blueprint Kelly had created for us. It was like she reached into our brains, pulled out what we are most excited to teach, and constructed something perfect for US and our students, unlike anything we’ve seen being offered before. I *honestly* will never create another online course without a blueprint from Dr. Kelly first!

Suzi Istvan

Creative Director & Brand Strategist

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