You’re a thought-leader.
A change agent.
A recognized expert in the corner of your universe.
In a mega-sea of online voices, yours is unique and outstanding.

You’ve worked really, really hard to get where you are now.

You’ve learned invaluable lessons from professional experience, real-world adversity, and bold business risk-taking. You’ve turned mistakes into opportunities. You’ve probably facilitated break-through healing—for yourself, or for others.

You’re ready to share all the sage wisdom you’ve gained through a medium that will reach the most people,
make the most cash, and gain the most momentum.

Then let’s talk about crafting a professional online course
that perfectly encapsulates your wisdom and expertise.

HI, I’m Dr. KeLLy Edmonds

Every moment of my 20+ career in instructional design and online learning research goes into each e-course I create.

I was practically born to do this.

So if you want to…

  • Reach a wider audience through sharing your knowledge, wisdom and skills
  • Attain a smart, scalable income stream
  • Amplify the awareness of both your brand and your professional authority
  • Teach your people better skills

Then let’s talk about crafting a professional online course or program that perfectly encapsulates your wisdom and expertise.

The BeneFIts of OnLIne EducatIonaL ExperIences

Your learners will get a world-class online educational experience through both breakthrough and tried-and-true, theory-rich teaching methods.

They’ll receive….

  • A highly effective online environment that caters to their specific learning needs and styles. This is cultivated by drawing upon educational science to make sure their learning journey turns out successful results.
  • A sense of inclusion, participation and encouragement. I use a psychologically sensitive approach for adult distance learners that draws upon behavioral science and brain research. This ensures feedback, connection, and a sense of support.
  • Intuitive, dynamic, and exciting lessons. Throughout every step of the learner’s process, they’ll experience deep satisfaction through phenomenal design, tailored motivators, rich content, and relevant resources.

Said simply? Your learners will really ‘get it’—and they’ll have a fun, fulfilling time along the way. 

My main focus is their experience.

How does It work?

Through a unique, comprehensive, and collaborative process, I work with you to craft an e-course that infuses your learning objectives with my instructional design expertise.

Here’s an eagle’s eye-view at how the magic happens from Stage 1, Blueprint, all the way to Stage 3, Content Co-Creation.

  • We Analyze and Assemble: I perform assessments centered around your learners, and in relationship to you and your prior teaching experience. Then I guide you through providing me with all the materials we’ll need to craft a superb course.
  • We Test and Play: You watch the rapid build, test-drive the course to your satisfaction, and I make recommended changes ‘on the fly’. I also ensure your course is branded properly.
    I’ll then provide you with valuable, vital and leading-edge technical advice on sharing your course with the world.
  • We Check In: Throughout the process, I help you understand my design choices, the learning activities I develop, and how everything fits together for the highest benefit of your learners. For maximum value, I record our sessions so you can review our collaboration and give permanence to the consultation experience.

Said simply? Your learners will really ‘get it’—and they’ll have a fun, fulfilling time along the way. 

My main focus is their experience.

The custom crafted e-course deveLopment stages

stage 1: dr. keLLy course bLueprInt©

This is where it all begins. Through a collaborative process, I develop a unique and conceptual design for your online course. From best practice in educational theory to your course’s “look and feel,” this 360° blueprint includes everything you’ll need to hit the ground running. I’ve even copyrighted my blueprint process as it’s highly effective for any e-learning project.

The 10-15 page blueprint contains a research-based, theoretical approach to your course design.

Its in-depth details include:

  • A recommended course structure, including the “look and feel”
  • A custom learning path and suggestions of learning technologies. Examples of these might be audio, video, illustrations, text, discussion forums, and quizzes.
  • Lesson ideas and delivery methods
  • How to segment and time your course
  • How to keep your students engaged within your specific learning path
  • How to create a fulfilling learner experience
  • Suggested technologies for your course’s platform

The Dr. Kelly Course Blueprint™ process includes a comprehensive questionnaire and an exploratory, revision-oriented consulting session. If it’s recommended that your course contains a learning community, we will cover that as well in our session.

stage 2: E-Course SheLL BuILd

Getting your course in order is kind of like building a home—once you’ve got your blueprint, it’s time to build the fundamental structure that will “house” all of your content. That’s where “Stage 2: E-Course Shell Build” comes in. Using hand-picked technology, I’ll create a branded, instructional-sound course “shell” that will ensure your course has everything it needs to run effectively. 

Using the course platform of your choice, I will provide:

  • A personalized course structure based on the work we did in Stage 1: Blueprints, that has a consistent “look and feel” throughout
  • Custom lesson and activity pages
  • Course page templates
  • Course resource pages
  • Instructions on adding content and learning activities. With this guidance, you’ll be able to insert your content easily into the templates I’ve specifically designed for your course.
  • The Shell Build process includes a one-on-one session that helps us discover your optimal course structure.

stage 3: content co-creation

Congrats! At this point, you’ve gone through the Blueprint and Shell Build phases, now it’s time for the meat of your material: your content. I’ll closely guide you in creating your course content and recommend outsourced quality branders, graphic designers, document preparers and multimedia producers, if needed. I’ll craft engaging learning that will inspire and ignite your students, and set up all the logistics (i.e. student registration, email notifications, etc.) Basically, I get your course to a launch-ready mode.

Custom Content Co-Creation includes:

  • Expertly crafted content & exercise design for maximum engagement
  • Learning activities and resources for each lesson
  • Determination of lesson flow for optimal learning and a superior learning path
  • Seamless, impactful, and instructionally sound lesson planning
  • Behind-the-scenes uploading of content and technology triple-check
  • The Custom Content Creation process includes an in-depth consulting session, quick meet-ups, and a comprehensive course design worksheet that will guide us in content creation. This is a collaborative journey in which your preferences, ideas, and teaching aims are all expertly integrated into your content.

I am your design partner and project manager wrapped up into one. 

Together we will launch a stunning course.

Starting price for up to 6 modules: $7000 USD

onLIne program optIon

Maybe you have more in you than a single course. Maybe you want more modules and personal involvement. You might have an online program brewing inside you.

An online course is a short learning experience for your participants that might last 4 to 6 weeks. They enroll, follow a certain learning path, and come out the other side with new skills and insights. Perfect.

An online program is more comprehensive.

  • It’s longer and takes about 2 to 3 months to complete
  • It has you in the driver seat personally facilitating and guiding your learners
  • There is more than just content delivery - there’s an online learning community, live virtual meetups, project assignments, group work and critical feedback
  • It uses a variety of modern and intuitive technologies to deliver this experience
  • You can charge more for this type of care package

I provide everything as outlined for a Custom Crafted E-Course but on a larger scale. I also carve out an E-Learning Plan for you to position this larger offer within your operation. Building an e-program is serious business and we need to ensure it aligns with your overall plans, vision and company. If you are going to invest in this, let’s start it on the right track.

Starting price: $15,000 USD

sound excItIng? Let's chat about getting started