Researching technology impact

The book Researching Technology Education: Methods and Techniques edited by Middleton (2008) provided some insights on researching methods to examine how people learn when using technology. Each chapter offered an in-depth look at one research method. These methods included ethnographic-based case studies, examining levels of student expertise, observational techniques using context, capturing knowledge with activity, and collecting and analyzing complex data.

More specifically, chapters addressed:

  • the challenge of finding appropriate methods for examining learning in technology education
  • tapping into implicit and explicit knowledge
  • studying cognitive processes and human-computer interaction
  • examining concept formation
  • conducting action research to study e-portfolios and the learning process
  • using comparative research with a theoretical framework
  • combining and analyzing concurrent interactions and activities
  • using think out-loud technique with visual analysis

This book offers an interesting array of quantitative and qualitative methods for researching learning with technology, and gives some food for thought on developing methods for this area of education.

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