Your Custom Crafted E-Course

Dr Kelly has the unique ability of both understanding my expertise, and how it can be applied to an audience that wants to learn.

She has helped me guide my knowledge into specific learning outcomes that I would _never_ have thought of.


Arthur Zards, 
Lab Z,


Thank you to Dr. Kelly Edmonds for her diligent work on our e-learning project. Dr. Edmonds was very organized, professional yet flexible to our various needs. Her approach to delivery was systematic and her design was perfect for our program expectations.

Dr. Edmonds picked up on the concepts that were important to our learning system and highlighted important learning principles independently. She was very easy and pleasant to work with and without doubt would welcome input and feedback as needed. Dr. Edmonds is creative, grounded in educational theory and very easy to collaborate with.

The end product was outstanding and delivered quickly and well within the time frame outlined. We at THINK’n Corp. would not only recommend Dr. Edmonds for your course creation, we will be using her services again for our many future projects.

Dr. Nicole Karki-Niejadlik and Lesley Greig
Mental Health Prevention,


I had a course but it wasn’t selling. I knew it was overwhelming (even its name sounded like it was going to be hard work) but I couldn’t bring myself to leave anything out. Kelly showed me how to rearrange the pieces so my new course had an intuitive flow. This made it easy to see what I had to leave out. It even helped me rename my course to reflect the new user experience.

You can feel assured that Kelly will walk you through the entire process. From creating images to modifying code, Kelly provides the whole package to get your course up and looking good.

Rebecca Rushton, Podiatrist,


BRAVO DR. EDMONDS! JOB WELL DONE! We did it! Thanks a lot for your guidance in creating this course. I am not surprised by your delivery because as soon as I bought “E-Course in a Box”, I could feel that I was in front of a major league player.

Therefore, your comments about the course content really make me happy and also humble me. But, all the credit goes to you because content in itself does not take you very far. You were able to ask the right questions and more importantly to create the course in a very creative and teachable way. I enjoyed working with you because you are a true professional. The” Dr”. title is well deserved.

Macodou N’Daw, Business Coach,


Your Custom Created E-CourseI have been successfully leading and teaching people for over 25 years, in person! I underestimated the challenge of transitioning my in-person training to an online format and then I found Dr. Kelly! Working with Kelly, I have been able to take my vision of my online school and begin to bring it to life.

Kelly creates a roadmap, a blueprint for you to follow that leads you to success and builds your confidence. Not to mention the credibility that her knowledge brings to my products and the fact that she delivers to her commitments. Thank you, Kelly!

Tammy Sherger, Business Strategist,


I’d created coursCat Leblanc_smalles before so I knew how important it is to create the best possible experience for my clients so that they get the results they came for. There are so many levels to creating a great course and I didn’t want to leave anything to chance for my new signature course Ignition. I knew Dr Kelly was really experienced both in academia and the online world so I felt she would be the perfect fit.

Getting the Dr Kelly Course Blueprint was a game changer for me. It gave me a different perspective on how to approach the implementation journey my clients go on and new ideas on how I could best support them. I already had a lot of ideas about what I wanted to do differently but Dr Kelly brought it all together into a plan and framework that I could follow to create a really high quality course. Ignition is definitely a much better course because of the work I did with Dr Kelly.

Cat LeBlanc, Business Strategist,


I have been creating healing programs for a long, long time. I knew I needed to get my programs online but had no idea how to do this. When I found Kelly, I KNEW instantly she was the person I wanted to collaborate with. Her experience and amazing work captured me. I was READY.

The results were beyond anything I could have ever imagined. When she creates a blueprint, she digs DEEP into the course and knows it so well. She knows how to create an engaging environment for students. She takes the complex and makes it look so simple. And, that is the power of her work.

The process itself is quite collaborative in nature, she has a vision of how to get me to the essence of my work and also, how best to present it for students. The most important thing I would like others to know is, rest easy. Your life’s work is in excellent hands. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but Kelly will make your course SOAR.  She is a true collaborator and she LOVES creating (and she is FUN to work with!)

Eileen Dunn, Spiritual Mentor,


I am so pleased to highly recommend Dr. Kelly Edmonds, my “life saver” online course creator. I took an online seminar on course creation and felt completely overwhelmed. I needed someone to do the “heavy lifting,” and Dr. Kelly fit the bill perfectly. She is the consummate professional, with tremendous experience in designing online courses for maximum learning impact.

But Dr. Kelly is much more than that. She puts her heart and soul into each project and you will feel as if you are her only client. She is always thinking about the students and making sure that the course has all of the elements to make the learning a positive and enriching experience. Dr. Kelly believes in setting firm module completion goals, so she will give you homework and expects it to be done on time. That tidbit kept me from my usual habit of procrastinating and I was very pleased to push myself to the finish line, with her guidance. You will find her to be an absolute delight to work with

Jack N. Singer, Ph.D., Psychologist,



MikeCush1.jpegI hired Kelly Edmonds to create a series of Articulate Storyline templates and conduct workshops for our Instructional Design team. She took one of our older e-learning programs to showcase what is possible (and easy) with Storyline to create better more interactive learning. The workshops were a huge success with our team and Kelly infused her own philosophy of instructional design and how it works together with e-learning to create highly interactive learning. As a consultant, I found Kelly to be an absolute expert in her field (instructional design and e-learning), and extremely flexible in working around our crazy schedules. She made herself available to our team members and delivered everything on time and on budget. I would not hesitate to recommend Kelly and hope to work with her again in the future on another project!

Mike Cush, former Learning and Development Manager, WestJet (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


With the South Health Campus project, Kelly helped us focus on our needs and achieve our e-learning goals much more quickly than had we tried to do it ourselves. Her energy and passion for her work is evident in the quality work that she produces. Her strong planning and organizational skills helps turn good ideas into great results, with high attention to detail. Most importantly, she does what she says she will do. I would definitely work with Kelly again and would highly recommend others to engage her for any of her e-learning services.


Joanne Aime, former Project Director, South Health Campus (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


Jillian I have worked with Kelly on two large scale projects where we needed online learning modules to train, in one case close to 1000 staff, and in another, staff that were located coast to coast. The courses were required in a tight timeline and needed to be easy to manage and maintain internally once they were built. The biggest result from our work with Kelly is being able to reach large numbers of individuals with important training materials in a format that was easy to access and easy to use. I should note that it was as painless as possible for those building the materials using Kelly’s framework!

For those of you thinking about working with Kelly, my experience has been that you can expect a high quality, user-friendly product. She is professional yet approachable and is a true trusted advisor in her field. Her advice and guidance through the process was invaluable to get the teams I have worked with where we needed to be! I readily share Kelly’s contact details with other colleagues and I don’t do that for just anyone. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Jillian McDonald, Project Manager|Consultant (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)



Kelly was very effective in coaching us regarding next steps in our e-learning strategic plan. She contributed to our analysis of the learning needs of Ambrose’s students as well as current teaching competencies of Ambrose faculty. Her work coaching 13 faculty persons was very efficacious regarding their course design accommodated to e-Learning environments so as to enhance intellectual engagement and emotional investment of students. She won the faculty over regarding the premise that the core of e-Learning is ‘design’ of learning experiences-faculty competency in being architects of learning experiences. She taught and demonstrated for faculty a number of best practice-based innovations in teaching in e-Learning environments [and helped them build and complete their new online courses].

Dr. Arch Wong, Director of e-Learning and Modular Learning, Ambrose University (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


Rob DeRoccoI had the pleasure of working with Dr. Edmonds while I was a project manager developing curriculum for accounting degree and diploma courses. Her contribution to the courses was of the highest quality and was instrumental to the final product.

Her knowledge of blended learning resulted in a wide range of richly developed courses that have made the program a great success.


Robert DeRocco, former Project Manager, Centre for Instructional Technology and Development, SAIT Polytechnic (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


Dr. Kelly Course Blueprint

nathalie-lussier-largeI was originally hesitant to hire Dr. Kelly to help design a course blueprint for us because I felt like I had already created of successful online courses on my own… but I’m SO glad I hired her, because her blueprint and vision for our next course took everything off the charts!

Her background and expertise in “online learning deliver results” is unmatched, and worth its weight in gold. I feel 100% confident in her ability to architect online courses that get people to actually learn and implement what they’re studying, and for that reason you’d better work with her on your next project before her prices go up or she gets booked out for months!

Nathalie Lussier, Business & Digital Strategist,


Dr. Kelly is unparalleled in her ability to design dynamic and effective online learning experiences. From applying adult learning theory, to sequencing course material, to selecting the best membership platform (and everything in between), Dr. Kelly’s help was invaluable as I designed my Your Spotlight Workshop virtual group coaching program.

She will always be my first call when I’m planning an online program because she is a true strategic partner in taking what’s in my head and heart and making it a coherent, content-rich, easy-to-follow experience for my tribe.

Alexia Vernon, Women’s Public Speaking & Leadership Expert,


When you are seeking a collaborator to help you pull together something as important as an online course, at times, expressing your vision, and getting that person to understand, and “get” your concept can be a little tricky. I mean, let’s face it, sometimes our idea LITERALLY is just that – an idea! When I found Dr. Kelly’s E-Course Blueprint, I actually had a few reservations about getting it. I thought – “I don’t have a CLUE how to put a course together.” “What if my idea isn’t good enough?” “What if I make this investment, and end up not being able to fully convey my vision?”

After my initial call with Dr. Kelly, it was clear, this woman KNOWS HER STUFF. I decided to take the plunge, and a few weeks later, she presented me with my E-Course Blueprint, and I was left with goosebumps. Not only did she totally understand the points I was trying to get across, but she structured the ENTIRE flow! She included recommendations to possible content, learning takeaways, thoughts on how it could be delivered, research, notes on how to implement, and even deliver the course – EVERYTHING!

Right now, I have a complete foundation and blueprint to build my course around. On top of that, the validation that comes from someone who understands my idea, and feels it has merit – that alone is worth WAY more than the initial investment. I cannot fully express how unbelievably grateful I feel for Dr. Kelly and this process. If it wasn’t for her and her E-Course Blueprint, I probably would still be dreaming of one day doing a course. Now, I’m BUILDING it! Thank you so much, Dr. Kelly… you are the facilitator of dreams to this entrepreneur.

Lysa Greer, Marketing Expert,


maggie pattersonWorking with Kelly was exactly what I needed as I put together my new e-course. From how-to structure content to create the best possible learning environment to helping participants have quick wins along the way, Kelly covered so many details that I just wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

If you’re ready to go pro with your e-course, you need her eyes on it so you’re launching something that’s truly designed for learning.


Maggie Patterson, Business Coach,


Insanely great resource alert: I had the pleasure of working with Dr.Kelly on a Course Blueprint. TALK ABOUT OVER-DELIVERING. We were so blown away by the complete class blueprint Kelly had created for us. It was like she reached into our brains, pulled out what we are most excited to teach, and constructed something perfect for US and our students, unlike anything we’ve seen being offered before. I *honestly* will never create another online course without a blueprint from Dr. Kelly first!


Suzi Istvan, Brand Strategist & Designer,


Your E-Course Check-Up

nath-smallerKelly’s suggestions for improving my Launch It and Profit program came at a good time as we were preparing for another round. She pointed out areas to organize the content in a way that prepared learners for in-depth lessons helping them to digest and apply complex information. She also suggested visual ways to display connected information to help launchers see patterns.

Having her expert eyes review my course gave us a solid foundation and roadmap to improve the interface of our e-course member area, and to improve the learning experience of my students.

Nathalie Lussier, Business & Digital Strategist,


Racheal Cook_smallWhen I talked with Dr. Kelly Edmonds about my signature course Conscious Business Design, I was at an interesting crossroads in my business. I knew the material inside Conscious Business Design worked – with dozens and dozens of testimonials to prove it! But spending 6 months a year running and coaching inside this program was limiting my availability to work on other projects while still delivering a great experience for my students.

Dr. Kelly worked with me to put together a comprehensive support system around the course itself. She helped me to create a plan to train a handful of Success Coaches who could provide ongoing support inside the program and strategies to encourage peer support with other participants. We also mapped out a clear roadmap for students so they wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed with all the materials and would instead have a clear idea of the next benchmark to reach.
While were just starting this round with some of the updates, I’ve already heard amazing feedback from returning students that this was exactly what they needed to feel more empowered by Conscious Business Design.

Racheal Cook, Business Strategist,


Dr. Kelly Edmonds was incredible to work with. Her academic understanding of online learning combined with her business acumen was of great value. Dr. Edmonds was able to direct my work in a way that made for efficient development on my end and solid comprehension, absorption, and transformation on the learner’s end.

I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone planning to develop an online course and I would say, the earlier you meet with her, the better as she will save you time and money in your process. Thank you Kelly for all you brought to me and my work!

Dr. Carla Cupido, Chiropractor,


Kelly, I just wanted to let you know something that this morning I received 2 emails from my course participants (I’ve been receiving at least one almost every day), and they both brought me to tears. With your help, my course went from being informative and interesting, to deeply transformative, engaging and very fun (for me AND the students). It is truly a thing of beauty and great power now and I have your suggestions to thank for a big part of that. Thank you.


Susan Fauman, Yoga and Ayurveda Specialist,


Chrissy GI was amazed at how Kelly was able to listen to my needs for this course and understand what I wanted to design and then offer me some simple yet tangible ideas on how to really make my program shine! I wish I had been working with her from the very start but was so pleased that she could give my course a “check-up” to assess what I had created so far and then point me in the right direction on where I needed to go.

Her assessment was by no means superficial, she really took a deep look at what I had created and I’m grateful for that.

Chrissy Gruninger, Yoga Teacher & Happiness Coach,


I feared that the service wouldn’t be able to provide any tangible benefits; that I would only feel better or worse about my System without a specific plan to improve it. However, what I found was an unbiased analysis of my System from a professional, who not only understands online learning but has worked with career Systems as well. There was one specific recommendation that I implemented immediately, which has dramatically improved the System, and that correlated with feedback I was getting from my users. Her recommendation pushed me to do this major change. I would definitely recommend this service because even someone as experienced as I am with an already developed System can benefit from an external view by an experienced professional. Kelly is very professional, but also easy to work with.

Don Lundgren, CEO and Career Coach,



Your Great & Gorgeous E-Course

Charlotte SpencerRunning a local business concurrently with developing a new online business was overwhelming. There were so many technological pieces to consider, support services to vet and marketing techniques to learn. Even after all that, I wasn’t done. I still had to develop my courses. I was over-stimulated and unfocused from all the business hats I was wearing as a soloprenuer. I couldn’t seem to make progress in course development. I was so frustrated. Putting out a quality product for my clients was critical to me so I enrolled in “Your Great and Gorgeous E-Course” (YG&GEC). It was exactly what I needed. Kelly’s process and her support gave me the focus and clarity I needed to move forward. When I finished YG&GEC I was already writing lessons that directly supported the vision for my course and the outcomes that I wanted for my clients. Equally important, I now have Kelly’s process to use in future course development so I will never have to go through the frustration that I used to feel. I will actually be able to enjoy course writing now.

Charlotte Spencer, Personal Coach,


Laura VivianaListen. When it comes to learning, I’m an in-person kind of gal. Despite Dr. Kelly’s impressive professional background, I was a little hesitant to sign-up for yet another online course — especially since I already spend a LOT of time in front of my computer. And you know what? I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised. The only thing that matches Dr.Kelly’s teaching acumen is her big heart and commitment to helping her students learn. From the moment the course began, I could feel her presence even when I was working on the material by myself. Her dedication to making learning fun, accessible, and interesting online is palpable in every single lesson.

I am now confident that my course will stand above competitors because I’ve had training with a real expert — not just some random online superstar (let’s face it…anyone can buy exposure) — but a true technologist who’s cut her teeth in the corporate and academic world. I now have the ability to take my expertise and share it in a way that does my subject matter justice; I now have a formula for teaching that’s aligned with my deep need for integrity to be woven throughout the development and presentation of my material.

And yeah, that’s pretty freaking gorgeous.

So, if you are ready to craft your course and you want to be taught by a real-deal master — then I’d recommend Kelly…especially if you’re like me and need interactivity AND to feel like your teacher really cares.

Laura Viviana, Copywriter & Communicator,


Cynthia DlogoszI am just getting started with e-courses.  I felt as though I had a very solid plan for the content; I was looking primarily for information about (and help with) the technical aspects.  How glad I am to have found Your Great and Gorgeous E-Course!

The course design blueprint that Kelly developed provided so many fabulous ideas for taking my course from good – a practical, evidence-based approach to weight management – to awesome – a true educational and emotional journey with ample doses of creativity and community.  The course content helped me understand how to connect with different learners and provide a great learning experience for all of my students.  I know I am well positioned to launch something beautiful.  And I got all the technical information I needed, to boot!

Cynthia Knapp Dlugosz, Pharmacist


Susan WheelerThe hardest part of creating an e-course is determining what information, how much information, and in what style the information needs to be delivered to be conducive to online learning. One could liken the task to trying to assemble a complicated jigsaw puzzle without having the benefit of a box top with a completed picture. Prior to working with Kelly, I tossed around my pieces and wasted a lot of time simply because I was not able to see that working backwards would give me that box top picture I needed. Since participating in the “Your Great and Gorgeous E-Course” program my time spent working on designing my course is now productive and strategic. The Blueprint constructed by Kelly essentially gave me a user’s manual for building my own course. Not simply a how-to formula but an actual map that is relevant and specific to my material and my course purpose. This, wrapped within a container of well-proven learning theory, really created a strong foundation for me to build upon.

There is no puff-and-fluff when you work with Kelly. Conversations are down to earth and information is succinct and relevant to what you need to know in order to move forward. Kelly makes herself available and is accessible in various mediums, there is a genuine interest in giving clients good value. I have to say working with Kelly has been the best online investment I have made to date.

Susan Wheeler, Living-Well Coach & Psychotherapist,


CarolI’ve purchased other training courses to help me get my course online but couldn’t get my information organized. My ideas were scattered and there were so many of them! The material I was using to help me didn’t help me organize what I wanted to teach into a course that was usable. It was like drinking from a firehose.I needed to know how online learners like to get their information. I was making the whole project too complicated.
That’s where Kelly helped me the most.

She taught me the skills that I will use for every course I’ll create. She made the process simple but elegant. She helped me build a framework that works with how learners learn and how I want to teach.Now I have a flexible framework that can be adapted to any course I want to create. It’s much simpler to organize my information along Kelly’s framework. I feel so confident that I can create more courses that I can’t wait to create more! Kelly has built my confidence. And she is a genuinely nice person who really cares about her students. I hope my students think as highly of me as I do of her.

Carol Webster, Expert Interior Decorator,


LK Fb profile May 2014 800 x 800The course that I wanted to offer was a concept, and I had pieces of it, BUT I didn’t know how to put the course into a framework that would take students in a sequence that built in content and was easy to follow. Kelly was able to see my vision, she could take her extensive knowledge of online course creation, and show me EXACTLY how to structure the course, develop the content, and add elements that would create clarity and true learning.

I did not want to just inspire people. I wanted students to be able to apply the course content and make a difference to them and to their amazing dogs. Kelly is not only knowledgeable, but she is gifted in seeing a course from the perspective of design and student experience. Without her help, I am clear that my course would still be in my head. Instead, I have my course ready to go live on the internet. And I took what I learned in Your Great & Gorgeous E-Course, and created a second course. So I can say confidently that Kelly’s course is pure gold for anyone who wants to create an awesome online course.

Lee Kemter, Trainer, Rescue Dog Lovers



Free Opt-In: Easy E-Course Starter Kit

Sage LindenI just applied Kelly’s instructional design tips to my e-course outline and it made it SO much more exciting to want to finish creating it!  She helped me pull together my content in a way that will be much more effective and interesting for students, while infusing my unique take on the dry subject topic of Email Management:)

I highly recommend you check out this amazing, free resource!


Sage Linden, Organizing & Productivity Consultant,


Eve GaudetI just finished the free E-Course Starter Kit Kelly offers and wow! It is exactly what I need to get me going on developing my first on-line course.  Kelly provides a clear, step by step process that has really helped me focus and frame my course to provide the best experience for my clients. She packs in a lot of information and resources and explains why it is so important to consider my client’s various learning styles.  Kelly is an expert online learning expert and this starter kit proves it!


Eve Gaudet, Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant,

Bottle Your Wisdom Instruction Manual

Catherine Doyle_smallI highly recommend Kelly Doherty Edmonds’s resources. I purchased her eBook to get some help with creating my first e-course. It was a big and overwhelming task and I had no idea where to start.

But after reading Kelly’s book, I worked through some of the exercises, and I was delighted with the results. My course outline all came together very easily and I felt like my e-course would make a real difference to my students.


Catherine Doyle, Tech Guru,


carrie hensleyThis is taking my planning to a whole new level!

Kelly, I bought your Bottle Your Wisdom: How to Build an Awesome E-course. I’ve designed e-courses in the past but your systems and explanation are taking my planning to a whole new level. I recommend this manual to all designing e-courses- such clarity & excitement. I can’t wait to share my new e-course with my crew.


Carrie Hensley, Yoga Instructor,


Isabelle Rizo_smallI applied these tips right away while I was mid-course. Dr. Kelly is committed to something I am as well – quality education. And as a teacher myself I want to make sure I give my students an empowering learning experience.

•For someone that’s working on creating awesome e-courses, I was looking for a guide that would change things up from all of the email courses I had signed up for.
•I wanted to make sure that my clients/learners came out actually learning something. Dr. Kelly really goes in-depth about how to create awesome e-courses.
•I think some universities would be good at reading + applying her info about creating learner-centric multimedia to how to ask for feedback effectively.
•I applied these tips right away while I was mid-course and I began asking my students “How can I support you?” This simple question helped me create meaningful content and coaching for my clients that I will be using for my next class.

Isabelle Rizo, Social Media Storyteller,

Create Your E-Course Blueprint

I thoroughly enjoyed the E-Course Blueprint Tutorial and learned a lot in preparation of creating my first online course. Dr Kelly shares a lot of great foundational knowledge.

Before I bought the blueprint tutorial I had already thought about a course outline for my course, but was very unsure whether it was feasible – there was so much information in my head, but doubt whether I was doing it right. By going through the E-Course Blueprint tutorial, I was reassured in certain aspects of my thinking and redirected in others.

I loved the blueprint as it gave me a step-by-step guide with which I was able to think through the ideas in my head and organise them in a structure. It gave me great reassurance that Dr Kelly showed different educational models that I can use as a base to create my course around. I got the reassurance that all my ideas for knowledge transfer are now organised around a scientifically proven framework. Building the course with confidence for a demanding target group is very important for me.

The most helpful aspect of the tutorial for me were the worked examples using some of the educational models. At last I could visualise the transformational / learning journey my learners will go through, using the most relevant model. Also, I had heard the advice many times before that you should not do a brain dump of everything you know when building your course. But only when working through Dr Kelly’s structure did I understand how I can actually accomplish this – by systematically establishing a blueprint for my course and then choosing the relevant content to achieve the learning goals.

Cathrin Kolb, Founder and Management Consultant,

E-Course in a Box

LysaE-Course in a Box is finally giving me a chance to create something that I can use both online and as lessons for my upcoming workshops. It’s easily digestible and Kelly’s instructions are simple, straight and flow well with allowances for my own creativity. I have been thinking about putting together an e-course for a while now. To be honest, I had an idea of what it could be about, but, had absolutely NO CLUE where to start. We are talking blank page with only a title… and then maybe a bunch of scribbles.

Then, a fabulous opportunity dropped and it came at the most perfect time. E-Course in a Box is EXACTLY what I needed – a course that is DIY (because, honestly, hiring someone to do this for me is not in my budget right now) and allows me to work at my own pace. The beauty is the blank page is now transforming into an outline, with worksheets and a study guide and the process is so seamless that I’m shocked at the fact that I am ACTUALLY creating a course!
E-Course in a Box is finally giving me a chance to create something that I can use both online and as lessons for my upcoming workshops. It’s easily digestible and Kelly’s instructions are simple, straight and flow well with allowances for my own creativity.

If you’ve wanted to do an online course and feel you have no idea how or where to start, this investment might be the best money you’ve spent this year. E-course in a Box is EXACTLY what it sounds like. Your complete set of tools that will help you create your very own FANTASTIC course! Thank you, Kelly for this awesome opportunity!

Lysa Greer, Marketing & Production Expert,


Jill Morton_smallE-Course in a Box is a PHENOMENAL resource and I say that with an extensive background in education and online technology.
My problem is that I know too much. The course has helped me cut through the overwhelming clutter of all this knowledge and has answered questions about how to adapt it all to this dynamic new environment.

The information is so impressive that I’m seriously reconsidering Adobe Captivate and may go with a simple solution such as Ruzuku or Zippy course plug-in for a simple first course that provides e-commerce solutions. One less thing to have to handle if I host my own e-course. That’s a real game-changer that makes E-Course in a Box more valuable than anything I anticipated.
Finally, I applaud Kelly for the compilation of every resource imaginable in this course. She is truly devoted to this and the course reflects years – if not a decade – of time. Once again I say this based on knowing too much perhaps, but I’ve been online creating websites with beginning with my own hyper-text markup language before they had WYSIWIG apps, Joomla (a beast), creating eBooks, dealing with e-commerce, and using InDesign, Photoshop, and Adobe Pro. I am a tortured soul who thanks you for making it an easier task. Can’t thank you enough.

Jill Morton, Color Psychologist and Branding Expert, University of Hawaii,