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Training and consultation were provided to a large in-house instructional design team to offer new ideas, examples and design steps to create engaging online employee courses.

Type of

Design ideas to increase learning, course interaction and employee motivation for compulsory training.

instructional method

It was important to transform compliance, compulsory training into an engaging experience that had staff answer critical questions about best practices on the ground and in the air. Scenario and real world testing became the main form of exercises and assessment, such as case studies, video responses, branched learning, visual interactions and quizzes in a visual display.

technology platform

Articulate Storyline was the only tool used to provide the learning content, examples, activities and assessments. These standalone courses were embedded in the learning management system at WestJet that could read SCORM data to monitor course progress and assessment results of staff.

learning enhancements

Clever features were used such as timed activities, hidden text, hunt and search, ambiguous situations, visual representations and embedded quizzing in videos to create a real world experience.


I built a series of engaging activities that could be re-purposed for their traditional video tutorials. Additionally, I created ‘how to’ videos for the design team on the steps to build the digital activities, the learning theory behind them and the branding elements used. The design team provided in-house graphics and photographs for the visual components.

As a consultant, I found Kelly to be an absolute expert in her field (instructional design and e-learning), and extremely flexible in working around our crazy schedules. She made herself available to our team members and delivered everything on time and on budget.

Mike cush

former Learning and Development Manager | WESTJET

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