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Courageous Leadership with Linda Cruse

Frontline leader helping the most destitute rebuild their lives, and sharing her leadership skills through inspirational education and speaking.


Linda wanted to transfer her powerful leadership teachings into an online format. In constant demand for her educational programs derived from her humanitarian aid work in the most perilous situations, she needed a way to work with her corporate clients and help shape their juniors into becoming courageous leaders.

Type of

Blended online leadership program for International emerging leaders

instructional method

This program was shaped to be largely experiential and transformative. It was designed in a blended format that included both offline and face-to-face elements making it a deep learning adventure. We designed rich content to compliment live sessions when Linda was ‘in the house.’ The seamless interaction between online environment (i.e. lessons, projects & assessments), in-person activities (i.e. live workshops and group calls) plus close supervision and assessment by in-house management ensured the success of this complex program.

Linda Cruse course

technology platform

The course platform TalentLMS was used for its sound functions and its offer of gamification, group formation and testing. Most important was its online discussion forum and embedded video conferencing system to support group work and project development. The video tutorials were designed with Articulate Storyline 360 and inserted into lesson pages in TalentLMS to add a dynamic and branded twist.

learning enhancements

As an experiential, hands-on course, activities, projects and assessments were focused on real world situations and problems. Participants were to bridge the teachings about 3rd world realities to their 1st world leadership work and perspectives. Linda’s repertoire of frontline stories and leadership experiences had been reproduced into books, articles, audio files, images and videos and re-purposed as the core learning materials. Online discussions, live conferences, in-person meetings, challenging projects and group sharing built a supportive and exciting learning environment.

Linda Cruse course
Linda Cruse course


Linda and her administrative manager provided the content as requested using a comprehensive blueprint and module design document. I reshaped, edited and uploaded the content plus carved out all the online activities. Linda also was given a custom-built online facilitation guide for her staff to run the course effectively, and I built every assessment required for the program.

Linda Cruse course
Linda Cruse course

The world of online programmes was totally alien to me and Kelly has taken me through the process step-by-step, guiding me, challenging me and ultimately producing an online course I am proud of.  
She is patient, insightful and business like.

Linda Cruse

Humanitarian + Frontline Leader

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