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Developing the Relationships that Matter to Your Career

An advisor and educator to numerous companies worldwide looking to boost the skills and knowledge of staff to create stronger relationships with each other and clients.


This online dense course was built for mobile phones. Targeting the Millennial generation in the corporate setting, the highly visual and auditory online course transformed complex ideas and skills into a compact experience.

Type of

Online corporate training courses to build lasting career relationships.

instructional method

Considering the need for instant information in today’s connected world and constant stimulation, we designed this course to be entertaining through storytelling, visuals, animation, graphs and interactive exercises. Check in points were given throughout the numerous modules for students to test their understanding. Graded quizzes were given to provide progress and accountability for corporate clients.

technology platform

The main content was produced in Articulate Storyline 360, when published looks like a video tutorial with added interactive elements. Each of the 14 modules were embedded in the Thinkific course platform. Short quizzes were given after each video tutorial was played to test and grade understanding and to provide clients with progress reports.

learning enhancements

Due to the capacity of Storyline 360, there were many interactions such as check-in quizzes, topic searches, rating of ideas, reflection points, digital worksheets and animated scenarios.


Together we planned the design of the lessons and the interactions to ensure that students learned the essentials within the multiple 20-minute modules. Andrew and his assistant gathered the images for this richly visual course, following a series of comprehensive storyboards. He also outsourced to a fave graphic designer for most of his charts and graphs. Additionally, we outsourced to video animators to add storytelling elements throughout the lessons and I built simple animations to present scenario learning. We hired a graphic designer to brand the whole project.

Kelly is more than an e-Learning consultant--she's been a trusted advisor in helping me build a
world-class digital learning experience that my clients are truly excited about.

andrew sobel

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