jonathan goodman

founder of the Personal Trainer Development Center (the PTDC)

& the Online Trainer Academy

A world-renown online development center for personal trainers looking to up their game, reach distance audiences, build the right business skills, and find lucrative niches.


As the first of a series of mini-courses to accompany hot-off-the-press business strategy books, this course focuses on starting a career in personal training to build the road to a wealthy level. Taught by the famous personal trainer and savvy businessman, Jonathan Goodman, his team pumps out quality and authentic (read: truthful) training. Prior student results prove this.

Type of

Business skill-building course for the personal training industry offering strategies for career direction, niche creation, client care, clever marketing and successful growth.

instructional method

The mini-course was built to be an interactive online component to accompany a highly educational print-based book. Prompts were scattered throughout the mini-course to encourage deeper reading from the book, while providing engaging learning in the online course.

technology platform

The mini-course was built using Articulate Storyline 360, and when published looks like a video tutorial with added interactive elements. The mini-course (4 modules long) was embedded into the Thinkific course platform. A final quiz was provided after the mini-course using the Thinkific platform. The 30-question quiz, if passed, would trigger a certificate to claim continuing education credits (i.e. CECs/CEUs.)

learning enhancements

The mini-course offered another layer of engagement and motivation along with the book. It provided a chance to test one’s understanding and apply business strategies through quizzes, stories and worksheets. To enrich it more, audio instructions, background music, video clips, and on-point graphics were added. The quizzes and worksheets enriched understanding to help successfully pass the final quiz and obtain a credit-earning certificate.


Storyboards and video scripts were created for the each of the four modules to promote key concepts, interactive learning and prompts to read the book deeper. Jonathan’s team produced and mastered the course narrations as well as snappy graphic designs. The video slides, background music, stock photos & videos and editable worksheets were built by me. Their internal team set up the Thinkific platform to be funneled to their own sales page with triggers for a select payment gateway and single-sign on registration.

"You’re really world class at what you do and
deserve all of the success." 

jonathan goodman

CEO, Writer and Educator
Personal Trainer Development Center (theptdc)

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