bella + canvas

Fashion Apparel Masterclass (FAM)

A US-centric manufacturer and wholesaler of promotional t-shirts made from the finest fabrics. Implementing ethical practices, ensuring inclusive environments and forward trendsetting, this organization is bringing sexy back to tees.


The online masterclass was video-based and interactive for on-the-fly salespeople to quickly learn the key features and benefits of the BELLA+CANVAS clothing line. Designed for motivation, this online course nurtured brand ambassadors nationwide.

Type of

National online program for sales training and community building.

instructional method

This masterclass was designed to be more than a skills training endeavour - it also functioned as a line of support, network hub and just-in-time resource for a national sales team. In essence, the online platform became a one-stop shop to onboard new ambassadors, strengthen their sales, and provide two-way outreach.

technology platform

The online platform by Wisetail is one of the best for social learning, connection and hub creation. In-house high quality videos were produced by BELLA+CANVAS and inserted into Articulate Storyline 360 to add interactive elements. These video tutorials were then embedded into the online platform in segmented modules with built-in learning activities and quizzes. The platform’s social tools enhanced sharing, discussing, connecting and gaming to be rewarded for participation.

learning enhancements

Video tutorials offered quick quizzes, knowledge checks, layered information, imagery and audio and video teachings. Upbeat and current, the tutorials were both entertaining and educational. Within the online platform, highly relative resources were provided, such as takeaway points, selling resources, instructional manuals and worksheets to ensure participants applied their learnings for selling success. 


Storyboards and video scripts were created for the main lessons along with ideas for interactions and activity applications to produce short but succinct lessons. BELLA+CANVAS produced their own videos and audio and their in-house graphic designer pumped out charts, graphics, brochures and branding elements. A small design team at their headquarters along with me managed the project, production and final upload to prepare for beta testing and then launching.

The ideas she brought to the table on how to help the learner get more value
from the program were way beyond what we could have thought of. 
She’s also a very tech savvy, smart, sweet and all-around impressive lady.

Summer Barry

Creative & Marketing Director

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