Nathalie Lussier’s e-marketing course review


nath-smallerLast week I reviewed one of the 4 business e-courses I have taken over the last months. More specifically, I reviewed Leonie Dawson’s goddess biz e-course on creating a kickass business that leaves you with some kind of an enjoyable life (Also, she just had a beautiful baby girl, congrats!).

This week I turn to an e-course I took from Nathalie Lussier, a business and digital strategist.


About Nathalie Lussier

Not sure if Nathalie is promoting this but she is Canadian. I don’t know why as I think Canadians rock … quiet, unassuming people that take life and business seriously. Don’t be messing with us now :0)

Nathalie is also a software engineer.


When I first learned that she had me at ‘hello’. That one degree is more difficult than my three combined. It also shows she knows her stuff when it comes to digital products as her focus is on

– how to use and integrate technological systems to market and deliver a business –

I’m sure if it isn’t made, she’ll develop it.

As well, I love her story … successful engineer graduate with stellar job offers who declines. In turn, she sensed that the way business was being conducted was changing, and thus, started her own business. Good on ‘er.

Nathalie is also friendly and professional.

She is constantly interacting with her learners and provides live sessions to discuss ideas, questions, and concerns with the topic at hand.

It’s pretty easy to communicate with her, but I think she is getting busy as her assistants are the main connection point now.

However, you’ll always find her connecting in her networks and ready to share some support.


Course Review #3

Nathalie Lussier: Launch It and Profit e-course ($750)

I give this course an A

NOTE: The e-course info is not available right now until April. Too bad, because it explained quite a bit about it.

This Worked

Nathalie takes learners through the entire process of creating a killer launch for their upcoming product, service or e-course/e-program offering. Letting the virtual world know about a launch is serious business, if you want sales.

I didn’t have a clue how to do this, so her course, guidance, examples and resources really helped me. All the works were based on her, and her client’s, experience so I knew it was tried and true.

On the aggressive business scale (i.e. how aggressive one should be in business) I would say this course was 8/10. Nathalie shows how to really

– go after a target market

– supply them with promotional material that outlines benefits for them

– creates an urgency to buy

– promises the best outcomes.

Course Content

Over a 6-week period, the course modules basically addresses the following:

  • Planning a launch with goal setting and market awareness
  • Determining a business model and pricing
  • Creating a launch timeline and pre-launch content (i.e. woo them)
  • Setting up and integrating every available popular storefront digital product (i.e. shopping carts, etc.)
  • Connecting with potential customers and considering partners
  • Composing sound sales letters and sales pages

The content is presented in a series of 5 online modules that have narrated slides (with PDF copies of slides and audio), worksheets, links to essential resources, and bonus material, such as steps to expand one’s market reach between launches.

Seeing this was a facilitated program, Nathalie had different forms of live connection. Some weeks she answered questions from the small group of learners (20 women) in a live webinar, other weeks she connected in Facebook by posting answers to questions in real time, and ended the course with a live online review of our newly composed sales page (golden service!).

All the live sessions were recorded and sent to us for future review.

In between live sessions, she popped into her private Facebook group and interacted with us by answering questions, supporting struggles, and celebrating successes.

For her online learning community efforts, I give her an A+ as she took the time to ‘hug her e-learners’!



This Needs Improving

Nathalie did casually ask me to share any feedback I might have on her course once she discovered I was an e-learning specialist.

So, after the course I reached out with comments and ideas as I plan to provide this service to others in the near future. Stay tuned for that.

Advanced Organizers

A key requirement that stood out for me in this e-course was to provide advanced organizers to help learners through the content. In fact, this is something many e-courses could use, including those in postsecondary.

An advanced organizer (developed by David Ausubel, 1963) prepares the learner for what is about to be both taught and learned, and helps them retain it. Examples are:

  • Descriptive title
  • Quick overview
  • Goals for the module/lesson
  • Essential points
  • Review of related or previous content
  • Simple, focused activity/exercise
  • Timelines

Course Overwhelm

The thing is e-courses tend to be content heavy and students get bogged down and overwhelmed. It seems when Module 3 hits your email a sense of dread develops because you haven’t gotten through all of Module 2 yet. Then it piles up after that.

Having to plow through the content on their own (burden of a distance learner)…

students are left with making the connections between ideas, recalling what they previously learned, determining the essential pieces, and applying it properly.

Attending to those learning chores is not the learners’ responsibility! It’s the instructors or course developers.

The reason people take a course is to be provided a learning journey that has them successfully produce something, think differently or somehow add value to their life. Not wrestle with the content.

While this was not the case with Nathalie’s course (it was nicely organized and paced), the content was complex and conceptually multi-layered. Also there were lots of technical application lessons. This can be challenging for newbies.

Adding advanced organizers would show learners what is coming, what is expected of them, what is considered successful learning, how to apply it with baby steps, and help them mentally organize the content (vs. consuming it without digestion).

NOTE: The main goal for any course should not be that learners will miraculously absorb all the content and produce a stellar version of the product, or whatever the outcome is. The course is to provide them with tools, strategies, resources and a place to practice. If they are diligent and apply this over and over after the course, they will master it.


20838347_sExample of an Advanced Organizer

Let’s say there is a lesson on creating a sales page. The opening page of the lesson could have the following:


Overview: In this lesson, you will learn about the main purpose, essential components and critical message of an online sales page. Answering all the questions and objectives of a potential customer is reviewed.

As addressed in previous modules, understanding the needs of your target market is key. You honed some of this by conducting basic research in online networks, and reviewed comments and feedback that emphasized the needs of your potential customers. Use those findings in this lesson.

Learning Goals: By the end of this lesson you will be able to:

  • Identify 3 key parts of a sales page
  • Determine 2 sales objectives of your potential customer
  • Design an outline for your sales page
  • Compose compelling messages for each part of your sales page

Key Points

  • Focus on the benefits that your product or service will provide to customers
  • Determine and answer possible objectives to selling your product or service
  • Describe your product later in the sales page after you share the benefits
  • Place pricing as the last piece of information after all benefits and objectives are addressed

Module Activity

  • Share with fellow learners the most difficult customer objective for you to overcome, and ask for their insights and possible solution
  • Develop your sales page outline following examples given in the course
  • Commence creation of your sales page to be reviewed in 3 weeks


COMMENTS: This took me 10 minutes to write, but will make the world of difference to the learners.

It lets the learners know what they should focus on and not get overwhelmed by the lesson and content in the e-course.

It provides them with learning cues when engaging with the content in the online class, and when to dig deeper (i.e. explore the key points more).

It gives them permission to take small steps as they learn, and encourages them to interact with others for support and to get a different perspective as they are on a learning journey.

It prods them to start working on the larger project of building a sales page that Nathalie reviews later in the course.

= Focused learning with potential for successful learning outcomes


Knowing Nathalie she will have the next round of her e-course all tickety-boo. I recommend taking this course if you want to market online, and seriously.


NEXT WEEK: I’ll review Derek Halpern’s Blog That Converts e-course

P.S. I am so glad you are enjoying this free content. Please share with others who might be interested. :0)


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