Create your e-course in
 a month or less

Teach with focus. Test the market.  Make some cash. Kill your inertia.

*Build your Own Power Mini Course is not another course it's the best guide on the market today to create a mini, jam-packed, powerful product that you’re proud of.

a mini, jam-packed, powerful product that you’re proud of

What if you could create your new course in a month (or less) and KNOW that it will provide your learners with incredible value and a great experience? 

What if you could test your course’s market without a ton of risk? 

What if instead of trying to build the perfect, large elusive “masterpiece course” (ahem, the hard road) you could create something small, steady and impactful...

You absolutely can.

In case you didn’t watch the video above, my name is Dr. Kelly and I’ve been doing this a long time. 20 years, to be exact. I know what entrepreneurs and creatives need when it comes to course creation, and what’s unnecessary. Believe me, I understand that when it comes to getting your course done, the struggle is VERY real.

 That’s Why I Created 
 Build Your Mini Power Course. 

Imagine that in one month’s time you’ve finished your course. It’s exactly what you wanted to get across—a mini, jam-packed, powerful product that you’re proud of. A course that delivers one juicy takeaway to serve your audience, pronto. A course that gets results, FAST.

They will love the results from your unique power strategy or whatever it is you teach them. 

You’re so excited, because you can ​begin to test the market, grow your audience, tackle some of the skills required for beginning a course, and build your passive income assets.

There’s so much you can do now...because you ACTUALLY BUILT IT.


If that doesn’t sound like you (yet), don’t worry—because it can be, easily.


"In the tutorial, you give a methodology getting your point across [in a mini power course] and I didn't find that anywhere else when I was looking around".


Maybe you’ve run into one of the following dead-ends...

  • You’ve bought the wrong online education to learn from.
  • You’ve bought courses on technology, marketing, (and extras, like video production + social media courses) before you actually know how to build a learning experience for your students.
  • Don’t worry, many people have fallen into that same trap! It’s easy to get caught up in the details and the sparkly, glittery promise of “easy money if you just know how to brand, market, and sell your course”—but the reality is, if your course is terrible, word will spread and people will not buy from you.
  • You’re trying to build your course based on what you’ve seen before.
  • While it might seem easy to replicate someone else’s course, nobody’s goals, learners, or course materials are the same. Trying to copy someone else’s method is a road to confusion and frustration.
  • There’s so much that goes into building a course behind the scenes, it’s unwise to attempt copying someone else’s product. Besides, there’s no replacement for YOU, so it’s important to be true to only what YOU have to offer.
  • You keep avoiding building your course altogether because it’s super overwhelming!
  • You get bogged down by the idea that you don’t have the time, energy, or money to actually craft a course.
  • You’re an “ideas” person and execution is a little harder for you.
  • You’re worried that you don’t have enough education or practice in creating an organized and seamless learning experience.
  • ​You’re scared of investing a ton of time or energy into an offering that may or may not sell.

 This is where Build Your    Mini Power Course comes in. 

Build Your Mini Power Course is the ultimate get-it-done guide on creating a small but substantial e-course.

Because creating a course shouldn’t take you years
(or raise your blood pressure!).

In fact, I’ve structured this course to be as stress-free, organized, and easy as humanly possible. All you have to do is turn up and do the work.

"This guide was loaded with so much valuable information—I am beyond grateful to have walked away with tips that I was able to apply immediately!

‘“I just finished my mini course thanks to Kelly’s Build Your Mini Power Course© guide. For the last several weeks, I had been stressing and rushing to finish a 6-week course. Kelly’s guide gave me another option. It never even crossed my mind to create a mini course out of the material that I had already put together. I applied all of the tips that I noted in the guide — and finished my mini course that same night. Thank you so much Dr. Kelly! This was truly a blessing!”

Gabriella Lassiter, Single Mom Mentor

Build Your Mini Power Course is revolutionary system because it’s not based on creating a “miniature” version of an enormous course

—it’s a guide on how to create ONE enhanced module with rich, potent and results-driven lessons. This not only gives you the ability to create a small and powerful course—it gives you the option to BUILD upon that course. 

That means you can teach something quickly, efficiently, and easily without having to go through the difficulty of launching a ​mega course.

Once you can do that, your students will be able to...

  • Access and apply your results-driven lessons,
  • Make positive changes or adjustments to their personal or business life,
  • Get to know you and your work,
  • Invest a doable amount of money and time to learn, and
  • Become primed for your larger offering when launched.

Remember...once you create a mini power course, it’s easier to:

  • Get something out on the market ASAP
  • Test your course’s viability
  • Receive valuable student feedback
  • Revamp and refine in a short amount of time

Build Your Mini Power Course was Created Just for You. Imagine...

Getting Clarity on What to Teach.

You’ll receive pro guidance to quickly find your gem of an idea to teach right away.

Being Guided by an Industry Expert.

My entire career has been dedicated to helping others learn; your learning experience will be cohesive and satisfying. Then, you’ll turn around and do the same for others!

Feeling Relieved and Supported.

Because you’re crafting a course with educational integrity taught by someone who’s considered a pioneer in the industry.

Finally Following Through on Your Dream.

You’ll stop procrastinating, stop feeling overwhelmed, and finally complete your course in a reasonable amount of time. No more “some days”!

Make Great ROI & Teach Intelligently

You’ll be able to make a quick return on your investment of time and money, and be able to move forward knowing your next step—whether that’s to expand your course, build another mini power course, or edit your original course.

"Before I took the Mini Power Course, I was feeling really overwhelmed with all aspects of creating my course—but know I have a ton of valuable content to get out there. Kelly helped me see I can just start with one aspect and develop a powerful small e-course to start with. She gave very detailed instructions and a “roadmap” in her guide and I am well on my way to create my first one!”

Alicia Kent, Manifest Mentor 

 My 20 Years of Wisdom + Strategy is Now   Available to You. 

This course contains leading-edge online teaching strategies and wisdom from my background of professional excellence.

Over the last two decades, I’ve obtained:

  • A Doctorate of Education (EdD) in Higher Education Leadership with a focus on online learning
  • A Master's of Education (MEd) in Educational Technology
  • A Bachelor’s of Education (BEd) in Adult Education
  • Tons of experience crafting courses for entrepreneurs, universities, and multimillion dollar companies
  • 29 presentations at national and international education conferences.
  • Seven educational awards 
  • Many happy students who’ve taken my courses and love their results.

Believe me, before I ever put anything on the market, you can bet that I’ve researched and tested it ad nauseum. Build Your Mini Power Course is my answer to creators who want to get an idea out quickly and easily.

What You’ll Learn in
Build Your Mini Power Course

Step 1: Your Big Vision

  • Create your mini-power course in the context of a larger idea, so you can scale down without feeling like you’re compromising your vision.

Step 2: Targeting Your Main Goal

  • Target ​the main goal for your course, so you’ll have a core-focus that ties everything together.

Step 3 : Craft Your Lessons

  • Choose and develop the perfect lessons for your course’s goal.

Step 4 : Select the Right Content

  • The mystery of content is solved. You’ll be guided in content creation—how much, and what type. 

Step 5 : Get Your Students Working

  • Convert a call-to-action into fun activities that your students find useful.

Step 6: Connect with Your Students

  • Develop your online community right away for valuable student input.

Step 7: Give Them a Takeaway

  • Wrap up your teachings in grab bag to use over and over.

Step 8: Pick a Platform

  • Find the right course platform that fits your mini power course.

Step 9: Research Course Results

  • Analyze data, poll students and watch course results to inform you about course quality and best changes.

Step 10: Build Both Courses

  • Follow a timeline that nicely fits the construction of the mini version into a larger offer within a few months.

 Why Build Your Mini Power  
 Course is Different 

This is a revolutionary new process in the e-course sphere, developed with an ear to the ground of the online learning marketplace. You’ll receive a succinct, dynamic teaching in how to build a fantastic stand-alone product with potential to expand.

Your Learning Experience Will Contain the Following...

  • Creating a focused offer that serves a need, right now
  • An unmatched perspective on the components of an online course
  • Quick learning, application, and launch strategies
  • Less stress and more fulfillment from a focused curriculum
  • The opportunity to repeat your success with multiple mini courses.
  • Development of your research skills (you’ll feel like a pro in no time!)
  • Encouragement and support throughout

The Materials You’ll Receive

  • Video instructions
  • Guided visualization
  • An organized video guide 
  • Clear + concise examples
  • ​Visuals of concepts
  • ​A mini power course planner
  • A mini power course checklist
  • A printable PDF for reuse

Who Is Dr. Kelly?

Hi there, I’m Dr. Kelly Edmonds. For my entire career, I’ve been passionately pursuing instructional design excellence—some have even called me a pioneer in the industry.

Besides my credentials, the most important thing you need to know about me is that I aim to create the very best online course resources on the market. I combine my extensive knowledge with the needs of course creators of today, and the end result is higher-quality, more competitive and longer-lasting value—for both you, and your students.

Because let’s face it: the online world is ALREADY stuffed to the gills with courses, and if yours isn’t amazing, it’s not going to survive in the market.

Build Your Mini Power Course is for you if...

  • You’re excited to create a small course with very focused and specific learning goals.
  • You’re ready to put the work in to get great results.
  • You don’t necessarily have a crazy amount of time, but are willing to dedicate a few hours every week to create your course.

Bu​t it may not be for you if...

  • You think clicking the “buy now” button will do all the work for you (we can all dream... but you will need to put in some work to get this done) ;)
  • You’re already a course developer and you want to create a long, majestic, master-level course (if so, check out “E-Course in a Box”)

 Warning: Contains Immediate & Lasting Value 

With this offering you have the great opportunity to create a course that is targeted to a burning need of your market and then research your impact.

That means you have a few options to play with...

  • Behind the scenes, you can build a bigger offering that’s being financed and informed by your mini course being on the market.
  • But also, you can keep your mini power course as a stand-alone “evergreen” product, allowing you to make money, continually help your audience, and build popularity for your other offers!

Dr. Kelly’s Feel Good Guarantee 

While I’m extremely excited for you to create your new course – I also know that sometimes purchases just don’t work out. However, I’m also dedicated to your teaching success!

That’s why my policy is this:

If after a one-on-one consult with me on whatever glitch, difficulty, or issue you’ve encountered with ​Build Your Mini Power Course ​you still decide that the product is not for you, then I will gladly reimburse you. Please note, an unwillingness to do the work on your part does not count in this scenario.

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