Giving feedback is essential

Many e-courses are missing this …

I’ve noticed of late (especially in the business world), many e-courses are missing … feedback. They have lots of good content, images, links out to resources, etc., etc., but no feedback for the learner/student/customer to see if they are learning or understanding the content.

Feedback Rocks!

Everyone seeks feedback when they are learning something. They muse,

  • “Am I getting it?”
  • Can I do this, even the first step?”
  • “How do I apply all this new content or knowledge to my life?
  • “Help!”

By the 5th page or 10th slide, they become overwhelmed with info.

Adding activities and assessments with feedback helps to break up the content and provide a teachable moment.

And it gives their brains a chance to digest, try out and question what they know.

Lots of work

Yeah, providing feedback is a lot of work! I know, I just finished my e-course on building an amazing e-course (in beta testing), that is 84 slides long with every 3rd providing an activity or wee test to let my learners know if they got it.

Read… breathe… try… move on.

And it takes time to create effective e-learning with content, activities, feedback, worksheets and resources, not to mention video and audio. I know, I’ve been designing learning for years.

Quality learning. Whoop, whoop!

In fact, my new interactive e-course comes with a 130 page e-book (the content) which took me in total about 4 solid weeks of creating both the content, activities and multimedia.

But it is one hella good course. I’ll be announcing it soon!!

It’s your responsibility

If you are going to provide a course of any type, it’s your responsibility to ensure your learners are learning. Sorta fair, right?

Otherwise, you are merely providing a page-turning product, instruction manual, a blah-blah-blah piece. You get the drift.

Next post, I’ll talk about self-assessments. This is a great way to provide feedback in creative ways in an e-course – especially, when your learners are at a distance from you while engaging in self study of your content.

Till then, happy designing!


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