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Over the next few weeks, I’ll share my views on other e-courses I have taken. More specifically, I will point out the things that work and need improving from the perspective of an instructional designer and student. They e-courses I took were:

  • Kimberly Wilson: Creative and Conscious Business e-course
  • Leonie Dawson: Business Goddess e-course
  • Nathalie Lussier: Launch It & Profit
  • Derek Halpern: Blog that Converts

Course Review #1

Kimberly Wilson: Creative and Conscious Business e-course ($99)

I give this course an A-

This Worked

Kimberly delivered what she promised. A gentle learning experience to discover the gifts I had to share with others. Let me emphasize the word ‘gentle’. After taking the other courses, I miss this approach as opposed to being aggressive to win. Winning is something I must reflect on to determine how much of that I want to do.

On the aggressive business scale (i.e. how aggressive one should be in business) I would say this course was about 5/10.

Kimberly has a lovely sense of the world and what is important. She really is an addition to this planet, and her mindful way of being is cherished and adorable.

Her course is nicely layered with personal stories, stylized photos, reflective questions, business tools, and critical elements for a worthy business (i.e. contributes to our world). Also shared are recorded interviews with other successful business people.

She Walks her Talk

And she is no slouch. She has 3 entities that she runs with a number of offshoots, and shows up on many types of social media from blogging to podcasting. All with style.

Everyday, I look forward to her lovely emails to arrive in my Inbox to show me how to live with purpose, mindfulness, and softness. My BP goes down.

This Needs Improving

I wouldn’t really call this a course but more a workbook. One thing I will continue to reiterate is a course engages a learner. For instance, a course needs to have some kind of:

  • interaction
  • exercises
  • feedback
  • assessment

A course proposes to help someone learn, which really is changing their behaviour, perception, knowledge, and/or skill set. Basically, this requires practicing something and knowing if it is right or wrong. Practicing requires activeness, and feedback guides how to improve.

In a self-directed course, like Kimberly’s, there could have been a learning group, or interactive quizzes, or examples of a completed worksheet, or even a free coaching session. Some activity that breaks down the concepts into doable exercises with feedback to support learning.

Linked Information

One thing we all need to do is check out linked resources in our course to see if they are broken. This is a real frustration for online learners. As well, the links in her course should open to a new window or tab so that I didn’t have to back track to the course. Keep the course as the central learning point always.


That is about all I have to say about her course. It was the catalyst for me to re-envision my business in a personal and heartfelt way, and I am so glad I took it first!


NEXT WEEK: I’ll review Leonie Dawson’s Business Goddess e-course





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