Knowledge is status

I recently viewed the following trends on the state of status. Apparently, it is trendy to have knowledge and skills. Having such assets is parallel to having expensive things, such as a mansion, exotic trips, and an impressive wine inventory – as long as they are acknowledged by others. However, pursuing it as a status seems to cheapened the concept of knowledge a bit.  Acquiring knowledge and then being ‘seen’ to having it seems to refute the idea of the contemplative thinker and the respected expert.

Following the trend on having status through knowledge is being well connected, and of course, being seen. The amount of knowledge sharing and networking via web-based products is mesmerizing. Trying to engage and being part of that is a full-time job. Has it gotten out of hand? Are we over doing this?

For instance, a trend stated  in the linked webpage above was, “This will then lead to an even-bigger need for consumers to ‘feed’, maintain, and improve their online presence with a steady stream of content: thoughts, photos, videos, songs, opinions, stories and so on”.

But for what purpose? To have status, to have a community, to express oneself? Status is taking on a new meaning and it is a bit confusing on how to engage and project oneself. It’s making me rethink why and how I contribute to a networked world.

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