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I’m Isabelle Rizo, a multipassionate traveler, herbalist in training, and artistic spirit. I teach young women how to DIY their lives – from college to health to self-publishing and travel.

My biggest class that I have created is The Wanderlust Remedy – where I guide women for 5 weeks to get from Wanderlust to World Travel.

This includes how to stay safe as a solo female traveler, how to travel hack to find cheap tickets, and coach women in getting into the travel mindset.

The Bottle Your Wisdom e-course that Dr. Kelly created appealed to me, because I wanted to make sure that my students were getting the most from my online course.

I taught English abroad in a classroom setting, but this would be my first online class and it had to be the most amazing travel class ever. That’s when I reached out to Dr. Kelly so I could bottle my wisdom!

Three main things I had to change in my course’s format after completing her course.

  1. Finding out the type of learners that I have
  2. Asking for their feedback, especially when coaching
  3. Including multimedia to appeal to different learning styles

I was using mostly written content and images. But after learning about the type of learner I am (from taking Dr. Kelly’s course) – I realized I didn’t have anything for my auditory learners!

Off to creating I went adding and taking things away from my ecourse so I could make it the best course ever!

After adding the new content I redid my delivery of content as well. I keep everything in a Facebook Group, that is our classroom. Every week, I change the heading so everyone knows where we are in the class. Using the tools available in the Facebook group (pinning, file sharing, document folder, etc.) I am able to keep my students on track!

Before I make any course I double check Dr. Kelly’s Tips from her Bottle Your Wisdom e-course – she does a very thorough job of helping online teachers support their students the best way possible.

For anyone starting out on a course I challenge you to create quality online content. Get in touch with the expert, Dr. Kelly, read through a few of her blog posts and sign up for the Bottle Your Wisdom e-course.


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I’m Dr. Kelly Edmonds, an e-learning specialist with oodles of experience and knowledge on creating online & e-learning products.  Follow Me!