Hug. your. e-learners.




Have you hugged your e-learners today?

I think they need it.




Happy learners = People who are looked after




Think about it

An e-learner is someone who is taking an online course. They access the course through their computer, tablet or phone, and proceed to engage with it.

No one is leading the course, so they have to do that job. That’s right. You might think that you have nicely arranged the course, but learners take their own route based on their

  • learning style
  • time available
  • attention span
  • information needs
  • level of inspiration
  • nearby distractions
  • faith in your word
  • other demands

… you are getting the drift.

Because they are going it alone, they need support and a hug now and then.

The question is how to support each one?


Each person engages differently with content


Some may watch all the videos first, then read the text. Or they may listen to the videos/narrations while doing another task (i.e. jogging or washing the dishes).

They might stop halfway, because they don’t resonate with the message.

In short, we can’t control how they engage with an e-course, because we are not there nor leading the way.

The scary part is wondering if our learners will finish our course … and ultimately learn what we hoped.


And get what they paid for.


Designing an e-course requires a different strategy than with classroom-based education or workplace training.

Learning online is a solo task; providing your learners with a well designed course and added supports goes along way.

In the next post of this ‘Hug Your E-Learners’ series, I will share some tips, based on research, to support and hug your online learners.

Okay? *hug*





I’m Dr. Kelly Edmonds, an e-learning specialist with oodles of experience and knowledge on creating online & e-learning products.  Follow Me!


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