How to Choose the Right Course Platform

Do you pull your hair out trying to determine which of the many course platforms to buy? And do you stress over if that platform will fit other offerings?

Well, let me help you sort that out as I get asked this question ALL the time.

There are certain concepts you need to nail down before even shopping for a course platform. Here they are:

Two Concepts to Help You Choose a Course Platform

  1. The ultimate experience you want to give your student
  2. Your personal preferences and capacity

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Let’s delve into each.


Sit back and think about the experience you want your students to have. I am serious – reflect on this now, later, during a walk, while sleeping… :0)

Think about your course in terms of …

  • how you want students to digest your content
  • the context within which to share your teachings
  • their sense of intrigue and excitement
  • the actions they will take
  • the impact it will make

Can you visualize it?

Does the experience equate to offering a series of video training with worksheets…. probably not. It is more than that – more creative, more engaging, more compelling. The good thing is there are ample of free or low cost tools to offer such a learning experience.

Also, consider the look and feel of your learning environment

Think about how you feel when you walk into a store with an amazing decor (aka Crate & Barrel). Your body and soul just soak up that experience. You want to look, sit on, pick up and buy when in a lovely environment, especially one that is easy to navigate and has lots of space.

Build your course like this. Imbue your special branding. Heck, add soft music to your videos, audio or certain course pages! Think visual, multisensory and easy path to follow.


Let’s face it. If you don’t have the resources of a university or larger corporation chances are you’re limited in these ways:

  • Budget
  • Technical skills
  • Course design experience, and/or
  • Time

You need to consider these limitations (we all have them) when picking a platform that works for you now and in the future. This is where you, the customer, need to get what YOU require to build courses.

FINAL TIP: Use your decisions about both areas above to create a list of must-haves for a course platform.. List them and then go shopping!


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