Horizon Report 2009

The New Media Consortium came out with an updated report on emerging technologies and their impact on teaching and learning within the next 4-5 years. They stated the topics from the first two reports (2007 and 2008) are already happening. The most evolved technology is smart technology that is geo-sensitive by knowing where they are geographically, and context-sensitive to tag and embed meaning considering what the information is about. As well, mobile phones continue to become smarter, too, with new interfaces and third-party applications pushing institutions to provide all information, services and resources for these devices.

A trend specifically impacting education is the move toward collective intelligence on a larger scale. Considering the expansion of networks, information access, and global connections learners was to invert the place of scholarship as they move to control their learning environments and access vast amounts of content.

Considering this, higher education institutions are becoming challenged and dated. They need to consider how the new, younger learner works, and reward innovate teachers. Also, institutions need to teach faculty and students skills to work with new literacies. For example, managing information through personalized digital spaces and tools that help track and retrieve appropriate information, aggregate content, and update information is becoming easier with online applications. Collaborating and presenting/publishing work online is easier to do as well with new tools.

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