anxious learners

Helping anxious learners

We might have forgotten what it’s like to be a learner. Actually, putting ourselves into the shoes of our learners is the best way to develop a good course. Hint.

7Learning can be fun, especially if we choose to pursue informal learning, like a dance class.

However, formal learning, such as educational courses or workplace training, can be stressful.

With formal education, there are prerequisites to access courses and programs, expectations of learning the material well, producing quality work or responses, and attaining a good score.

Learning that is mandatory is even more stressful for people. They have to take it and succeed. That’s the deal.

So how do we help our learners get through rigorous courses? Encourage them with positive statements along the way, and celebrate small steps like completing a test or module. Imagine how wonderful that would feel?

We forget what it’s like being a learner as we focus on getting them through a learning segment. They are in the thick of changing their knowledge, skills or perception and it can be taxing and at times, frustrating. So help them out.

Here’s how:

Use Positive Graphics or Photos


Add positive imagery and words to let your learners know you are thinking of them and wish them success … every step of the way.

Tuck it in the last page of a course module, or in reading material, or in your email. Can you think of other places?

I have provided some graphics here that I made in a new, fun and free online service called Canva. Check it out.

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