What makes a good e-­learning environment like Deepak Chopra’s Course?

What makes a good e-learning environment? This is my fav question!

I am on a mission to help others design a fantastic e-learning environment for their students … BUT it’s going to take some web design, tweaking some course platforms and solid strategies.

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An excellent e-learning environment by Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey have paired together to deliver another 21-day meditation experience.

I have taken about 7 of these courses over the years. Why? Because I love the LEARNING!

Let me break down their awesome learning environment for you:

  • the material is all in one place
  • the navigation is intuitive
  • they use the power of visuals
  • their music is transcending
  • there is a focus and intention for each lesson
  • a mantra is used to increase vibration
  • the teachings are authentic, traditional and rich
  • words of wisdom bring the teachings into modern times
  • packaged together, each lesson is perfectly aligned


Come with me on a 5-minute tour of
their online learning environment


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