Get Focused: Draw Your Course Core Design

You are going to love this concept and exercise as it will get those rumbling thoughts out of your head about your course ideas and onto paper.

You will see before you a course design evolving you can run with to create exciting lessons and learning experience for your students.

Grab some paper and coloured pencils and let’s get started.


The core design of a course needs to be developed right after you determine WHAT you are doing to teach (aka the big idea). Besides knowing what you want to teach I can guarantee you are also thinking about major course topics. These are part of your core design.

Once you determine your big idea and major topics, the core design goes one step further to add the theme or flavour of your course.


The best way I can show you is through an example. Here is a drawing of a core design with explanations given below.

Big idea: Mama Workouts with Baby

Explanation: I want to create an online course/resource that will be self-directed and multimedia-oriented to help mothers who want to exercise, play and relax with their babies.

Major topics: Play, Exercise & Relax

Explanation: This can be a fun resource to support mothers with the following:

  1. Play guided games with their infant while listening to upbeat music.
  2. Exercise together with mothers doing most of the workout.
  3. Guided meditations with spa or sleep time music for relaxing together (read: cuddle.)


Theme/Flavour: Choice

Explanation: Babies have their own time schedule it seems, so having choice of what is needed will provide mothers with opportunities to stimulate, engage or connect/cuddle with their infant.

This resource becomes a support for mothers to fill their time with constructive play and exercise that benefits both mom and baby.

As well, there will be 5, 10 and 15 minute intervals for all 3 segments (play, exercise and relax) to further provide choice of what they need at the time.


This core design took me 10 minutes to think about and jot down as it was exactly how I saw it in my head.

I can sit with the core design for a bit and see what else evolves; however, between my big idea and the main design I have a solid vision of what I want to create and can start to plan the other parts.

The next step is to create an in-depth course blueprint – once that is done, I can compose content, activities and multimedia with quickness and confidence.

Note: the big idea and core design are the initial parts of a course blueprint.
See you are on your way to design a much better course!


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