Learn how to deliver a fun, active live online session. One that is memorable and helps people actually learn.

Deliver a Fun LIVE Learning Session

In this post, I share how to create a personalized learning experience for your students that is live, engaging and so satisfactory for everyone. Below are strategies that will help you create this experience.

NOTE: This post is part of a series on creating personalized, online & offline learning that modern students crave – I call this method, Backyard Blended Learning.  

Backyard blended learning series


MAJOR TIP:  Fun interaction requires two-way communication!


For live sessions that truly engage learners you need to move away from the webinar-style sessions to those that allow people to speak, show their faces (webcams), share their screens, etc. – just like they are in the same room with you and the other participants.

Most webinar technology is one-way communication that allows the presenter to talk, show his/her face and screen, but participants only have the option to type in the chat box, put their hand up and speak if given permission/access. In short, they passively learn through listening and watching.

I understand that the webinar-style session works if hundreds of people are participating and looking for information. Opening the floor to anyone with a mic would be shear chaos.

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I recommend a great web-based conferencing tool for meetings (not webinars) called, Zoom. This is a popular and well-oiled video & audio online platform that provides ample of fun and interactive tools.

At $14.99 a month (there is a free version) you can invite up to 100 participants and have all these features available to everyone that joins a meeting :

  • Share selfies via video (up to 6 webcams opened at once)
  • Open microphones for easy back and forth conversations
  • Share screens to showcase anything on any device (i.e. docs, website, pics)
  • Use whiteboard to scribble, draw and type brainstorming ideas
  • Record sessions to review afterwards
  • Use breakout rooms for deeper discussions amongst small groups

This tool is easy to set up and sends invited participants with meeting details & link, calendar invite, and use of desktop, laptop, mobile or phone call to access.

NOTE: For free versions, meeting times can only be for 40 minutes but with the Pro version ($14.95/mos) the meeting time is unlimited.

Try the Meeting Session Plan for free!

Zoom setup

Zoom meeting room

Zoom screen share


Next are steps to deliver an engaging, fun, and live session. Obviously, setting up and inviting participants will be the first step. The next step is to facilitate it.

Facilitating a Live Session

Use the following sequenced steps to create a great learning experience.

NOTE: You can prepare a few slides with large lettering of key points that participants can see when you share your screen, but it’s not necessary for this experience.

This 60-minute session provides learners with many benefits:

  • Gain clarity about the course and content
  • Ask for help with any technical issues
  • Meet the other students in real time
  • Work through ideas by being vocal
  • Learn about other points of view
  • Arrive at a conclusion through social learning
  • Laugh, exchange and gain trust
  • Bond more with their instructor



I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat through live web conferences where the facilitator drones on and on talking about stuff we already know or have read recently.  It was a lost opportunity to really learn.

The BEST strategy for live sessions is getting the participants to talk, share and work through ideas. This makes for a memorable learning experience.