Extreme Learning

Stephen Downes offers some ideas on trends in learning by Elliot Masie at the Transitions in Advanced Learning Conference. He talks in general about organizations teaching people. Used in the context of higher education, the way students access and use information is changing, which needs to be understood by educational institutes. Masie views learning as becoming extreme learning. He contends we need to create and deliver learning faster for a busy society. We need to learn how to reach them, how to engage them, how to deliver via mobile technology, and how to personalize their learning for their current, not past or future needs. He also suggests to relook at how we teach and see where we waste our time, and divide up tasks of knowledge transferring, and discussions and meetings.

And, the abundance of information is not only affecting student, it’s burning out subject experts calling for communities of experts and technical ways to streamline information. As well, Downes reinterprets Masie in stating, “the research, etc., isn’t coming from e-learning companies, it’s coming from gaming, social networking, Google. Our job is to harvest it.”

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