Chunk Out Your Course Content

How to Bundle Your Brilliance, Perfectly

“Am I overwhelming my students with too much information…or leaving them feeling empty-handed?” This question has a lot of you scratching your heads—and for good reason.

But now, you can learn exactly what is enough content.


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Knowing just the right amount of content to give and how to present it can be incredibly daunting. In fact, in my years of course creation, this very issue has been one of the most challenging for both new course creators and experts alike.

That’s why I’ve created Chunk Out Your Course Content— an exact formula for how much course content is needed. From the entirety of online course information to individual lesson content and student activity, this program gives you a proper formula to map it out in excellence.

Here’s why this course is so powerful:

  • You’ll receive a formula that’s been developed based on the science of attention capacity and how adult brains work. Heavily researched learning theories, strategies and peer-reviewed academic findings have been integrated into this offering. Simply said: this is the real deal — but specialized for online adult learners and presented in an accessible, easy way. Don’t worry: you won’t need to learn theory at all to implement!
  • You’ll learn the crucial skill of chunking content according to attention span and engagement.
  • You’ll be guided through your pinpointed course goals and discover the most important activities to teach them. Through a tested formula, you’ll learn how to calculate course timing, content, and activity amount to a “T”.

You’ll be taught through various modalities, including:

  • Clear and succinct video training
  • Content development demonstrations
  • Worksheets that nail down your content with efficiency


This is the kind of offering that creates value way after you’ve completed it: my students have reported the distinct ability to use the formula to reuse all kinds of content they had already retired! This program can be used again and again to create long lasting ROI.

Ready to Plan your course content?

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Having worked in primary schools here in England, I am used to creating lesson plans that appeal to various learning styles and short attention spans. Your content was a brilliant reminder to me that this also applies to adults. I now have a much clearer idea of how to create my content.

Lauren Riesner

Life Coach

The info in your video gave me the formula to help me make sure I am mindful when chunking text and planning multimedia. Perfect timing for me (also working on video re-dos as you suggested too). Thank you!

Susan Wheeler

Living-Well Coach and Psychotherapist

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