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When faced with choosing technology for their course, most people are completely baffled—and that’s no surprise! There’s an incredible array of options online, some of which are superior, and others that are a waste of cash. Sometimes, people get caught in a whirlwind of choice, especially if their friends or online leaders are choosing certain platforms.

But even with the best platform out there, how do you know that’s the best for you and your learners? The answer lies within this program I’ve created, and I assure you there’s nothing like it out there. Trust me: this is not something you can Google.


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The right technology for you is based upon several variables—some having to do with your course type and experience, others having to do with your learners and developer’s capacity. While the perfect platform choice might elude you now, it won’t after going through my process, which ensures that you’ll find the tech that does your brilliance justice.

Choose the Perfect Course Platform includes:

  • Exercises that define the intent and structure of your course, and the overall the student experience you are creating.
  • Learning the course elements that a platform must possess in order to design, develop and deliver your intended experience.
  • Arriving at the core of what platform is really right for you—as opposed to choosing one based on flashy bells and whistles or persuasive marketing.
  • Additional industry knowledge found through my critical assessment of the online course marketplace.
  • An easy to understand cheat sheet of 20 popular course platforms presented with 27 rated criteria, plus my personal ratings, comparisons, and comments on each platform. This course comparison spreadsheet is constantly updated as new platforms arise!
  • A shopping list that highlights the elements that are important to have in your course platform to serve both your needs and your student’s needs.

Don’t waste another moment feeling stressed about tech: let me teach you in an easy, accessible way so you can make a confident and informed choice about your platform!

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Kelly’s energy and passion for her work is evident in the quality work she produces. Her strong planning and organizational skills helps turn good ideas into great results, with high attention to detail. Most importantly, she does what she says she will do. I would definitely work with Kelly again and highly recommend others to engage her for any of her e-learning services.

Joanne Aime

Project Director, South Health Campus

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