Bottle Your Wisdom Instruction Manual

Jumpstart Your Awesome E-Course

Are you a brand new course developer who’s ready to tackle your course with a vengeance? Then Bottle Your Wisdom is for you.

This 130+ page instruction manual is absolutely jam-packed with clear, easy to apply instructions on how to craft your course. Presented with a combination of gentle guidance and whip-smart tactics, this step-by-step resource helps you plan, strategize, and execute with excellence.


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Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn from Bottle Your Wisdom:

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Learners: Get the low-down on how to best serve your learners. I’ve taken years of academic level research and paired it down to give you the essential lessons needed to teach effectively. This is not a one-sized fits all approach: this is a deep dive into who you’re serving and how to make the best possible teaching plan for them.

Design Strategies: We’ll go through a proven formula to design tight, flowing courses that teach just the right thing at the right time—while incorporating all your course goals.

Technology: The burning questions about tech revealed:

  • How to choose and optimize multimedia for enhanced learning
  • Choosing essential technology and course platforms
  • Delivery formats are outlined and delved into

Goodbye confusion, hello clarity. After this section, you’ll be a tech ninja!

Modalities: We’ll explore the best way for you to teach according to your subject matter and course format. As well, your experience using this guide will be supported by an integrated system of teaching; I use ample examples, worksheets, and various styles of teaching to make sure you really get it.

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This is taking my planning to a whole new level! Kelly, I bought Bottle Your Wisdom. I’ve designed e-courses in the past but your systems and explanation are taking my planning to a whole new level. I recommend this manual to all designing e-courses—such clarity & excitement. I can’t wait to share my new e-course with my crew.

Carrie Hensley

Yoga Instructor

Kelly teaches you a process so that you can edit down your considerable knowledge into bite sized chunks your student will love. I’m kind of a hard-ass when it comes to reviews. In fact, with most things. I was a judge at a recent poetry slam and the performer heckled me for not liking his performance enough. What can I say? It’s a hangover from teaching grad school. I appreciate quality work, which is why I am so thrilled to share this book, Bottle Your Wisdom, with you.

Dina Eisenberg

Product Consultant

Dr. Kelly is committed to something I am as well – quality education. And as a teacher myself, I want to make sure I give my students an empowering learning experience. For someone that’s working on creating awesome e-courses, I was looking for a guide that would change things up from all of the email courses I had signed up for. I wanted to make sure that my clients/learners came out actually learning something. Dr. Kelly really goes in-depth about how to create awesome e-courses. I think some universities would be good at reading + applying her info about creating learner-centric multimedia to how to ask for feedback effectively. I applied these tips right away while I was mid-course and I began asking my students “How can I support you?” This simple question helped me create meaningful content and coaching for my clients that I will be using for my next class.

Isabelle Rizo

Social Media Storyteller

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