e-portfolios as condensed expressions

A TED presentation by the e-portfolio guru, Helen Barrett, is shared on Celia’s blog. Helen takes the latest developments in technologies, such as social networking tools, to find ways to enrich the development of  e-portfolios. One point I found interesting is drawing and focusing on the intrinsic impact of e-portfolios. She likens it to the passion to learn, the flow of discovering events, and the excitement of inquiry. She suggests new technologies have the potential to support and display these actions and feelings. ‘Dynamic celebrations’ is what she hopes e-portfolios become.

I agree. However, what user-friendly software/freeware exists that would house such reflections through imagery, sound, words, song? For instance, blogs are static – though they encourage interaction, which Helen believes is important to allow in e-portfolios. As well, Flickr has some features that allows personalization, etc. I would like to discover some platforms that cater to dynamic content, interaction, and usability. If anyone knows of such a product, please let me know.

I also liked the notion of interacting with e-portfolios. But not just comments. I want to experience someone else’s condensed expression of themself. Perhaps this may mean streaming part of their e-portfolio into mine. Or capturing part of their visuals onto my desktop. Or engaging in a dynamic exchange, such as in a virtual world visit with them. I think there is great potential for such developments.

Imagine creating such a presentation and sending that link to a potential employer, your students, your community?