Your E-Course is Unique so Design It That Way

 Struggling with your online course design?

I’ve been thinking about you lately, and if you may be wondering how to produce and deliver a very unique online course.

Yes, your course! It’s unique.

In this short video, I explain how I understand your dilemma about online course development …


Basically, I approach course designs differently depending on the following:

  • Field of work
  • Intent of the course
  • Audience/student needs

For instance, if your field of work is helping others become healthier, mentally or physically, you need to help people shift their thinking and lifestyle behaviours.

Whereas, if your field of work is in business and you pride yourself on showing people how to determine solid strategies to attain reasonable goals while watching for results, then your course will not so much be about shifting thinking but rather building skills.

These two courses would be designed differently.

Each course is unique and its design depends on the field of work and what you intent to help your students with.


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