E-course Development – Part 2: The Learning Journey

Ready to map out your course idea into an alluring sequence that will keep your students motivated and learning?


In the last post of this series, we explored how to determine what you are super good at doing, and discover the demand for converting your idea to a course. Hopefully, you’ve nailed down your idea and did a wee bit of research – if not, give it a whirl by returning to the last post and head back here when done.

The next step in this blog series illustrates how to take an idea and spread it into a course. In other words, figuring out what you will teach (or in teacher’s terms, map out the lessons). Follow the steps below to get started.

Sequence to Map Out Your Course

1. Visualize your student after taking your online course.

What is she or he doing directly related to their learning?

Is she doing more yoga and meditating at key times to stay centered and peaceful? Is he setting up Facebook ads properly and seeing results?

Stop right now, close your eyes and ‘see’ what your student would be doing after your course.

That is your course goal.

2. Determine 3 or 4 overall lessons to help your student reach that goal.

Don’t plan for 8 or 10 lessons as that would be overwhelming.

Narrow it down to the most vital lessons needed to help your student build those skills, knowledge, emotions or perceptions.

3. Break down the big lessons into sub-lessons or tasks – think bite-size pieces.

That is, determine what content and activities (you need both!) are required to deliver those lessons. Again, like the Three Bears you don’t want too much content or too little. Just enough to help them successfully learn what they need.

Think back to the best course you ever took and unpack it. What was taught and how?

See my previous post on What Exactly is Enough Content?


Study the illustration below to see how Nathalie Lussier broke down her free course: 30 Day List Building Challenge.

This course has helped so many entrepreneurs to increase the amount of people who subscribe to their email list.

ecourse map

Voila! You know have your course mapped out and ready to start building it.

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