E-Course In a box​

Make Money Teaching What You Love with the BEST E-Course Resource on the Market, Today.  

*E-Course In a Box is not another course it's the ​best guide on the market today if you are ready to teach passionately, expand your reach, and
make money from your hard-earned expertise. 

 if you’re ready to teach passionately, expand your reach, and make money from your hard-earned expertise.

Picture This

  • You’ve just finished crafting your online course. It’s brilliant. It’s extremely organized. Its structure is backed by years of educational science, and you didn’t tear your hair out while creating it.
  • You absolutely know that this course is going to launch your business to the next level, and teach your students valuable skills that will transform their lives.
  • You can feel in your gut that this course will make the impact you always wanted to make, and you can barely contain your satisfaction and enthusiasm.

Perhaps best of allyou know you can charge well for your course, because it’s simply BETTER than most other courses out there.

It’s time to pop the champagne cork (or kombucha cap!)—because this scenario is entirely possible. (Yes, even if it seems like a pipedream!)

Testimonial - Jennifer Petersen, teatrademart.com


 For most people, the process isn’t    that easy. In fact, you may have... 

  • dedicated time to becoming an expert on something you’re passionate about.
  • (and, brilliant DIYer that you are), probably done a whole lot of work to get yourself to this point.
  • in​​​​​​​​vested in education and training, marketing, sales – perhaps even a coach or two!

After all that hard work, you may have tried creating your course a few times... but every time you do, one of two things happens:

  • An explosion of thoughts pour out onto your paper – but you have no idea how to present, organize, or structure all these great ideas; OR
  • You freeze.

You’re freaked out because you have no support or blueprint with which to work.

The only sound you hear is your own blinking.

Sure, maybe you know how to MARKET or ADVERTISE your course... but nobody has ever shown you how to create a SOLID LEARNING EXPERIENCE—one that’s backed by academic-grade research.

Maybe you’ve even created and launched an e-course already... but the results were not great, and you just know you could do better.

Bottom Line?

You know that there must be a better way to get the years of wisdom out of your head and onto paper, but there hasn’t been a resource to teach you HOW.

That’s Why I Created E-Course in a Box.

Because crafting a course doesn’t need to feel as daunting as a 5K run in a blizzard.


In fact, it can be a deeply satisfying, fulfilling, and stress-free experience. 

E-Course in a Box is for you: if you’re ready to teach passionately, expand your reach, and make money from your hard-earned expertise.

Comprehensive and thorough, this is a deep dive into master course creation: a complete DIY toolkit that offers tools, resources and guides for each phase of your course development. From building the foundation of your course to choosing the platform you’ll launch on, this is the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to teach online, expertly.

"If you’ve wanted to do an online course and feel you have no idea how or where to start, this investment might be the best money you’ve spent this year.

‘To be honest, I had an idea of what my course could be about, but, had absolutely NO CLUE where to start... E-Course in a Box is EXACTLY what I needed – a course that is DIY (because, honestly, hiring someone to do this for me is not in my budget right now) and allows me to work at my own pace...the process is so seamless that I’m shocked at the fact that I am ACTUALLY creating a course!

E-Course in a Box is finally giving me a chance to create something that I can use both online and as lessons for my upcoming workshops. It’s easily digestible and Kelly’s instructions are simple, straight and flow well with allowances for my own creativity. The complete set of tools will help you create your very own FANTASTIC course! Thank you, Kelly, for this awesome opportunity!’

Lysa Greer | Fresh Take Marketing Solutions


  • Starting Confidently + Securely.

The foundational material will immediately set you up for success – so you stop procrastinating, stop feeling overwhelmed, and stop feeling so alone in the process.

  • Being Guided by an Industry Expert.

I’m with you every step of the way, starting with who your students really are, all the way to how to review your course before you launch.

  • Feeling Supported, Excited, and Proud...

Because you’re using a tried and true, research-backed, scientifically proven system that ensures you craft a course with educational integrity.

  • Making Good Money from Your Course.

Your course is so fantastic that your students shout about it from the rooftops and serve as your best advertising.

My 20 Years of Wisdom + Strategy is Now Available to You—in a Guide that Will Propel Your Course Forward.

E-Course in a Box is the Only Course Guide You’ll Ever Need.

Over the last two decades, I’ve obtained:

  • A Doctorate of Education (EdD) in Higher Education Leadership with a focus on online learning
  • A Master's of Education (MEd) in Educational Technology
  • A Bachelor’s of Education (BEd) in Adult Education
  • Tons of experience crafting courses for entrepreneurs, universities, and multimillion dollar companies
  • 29 presentations at national and international education conferences.
  • Seven educational awards 
  • Many happy students who’ve taken my courses and love their results.

I’ve distilled all that wisdom into exactly what YOU need to create a course that will be effective, fun, and empowering for your learners.

You’ll receive the exact methods I’ve been using for years in an easy-to-digest format that ensures you’ll finish your course like a champ. 

No more procrastinating. No more overwhelm. No more “somedays.”


How E-Course in a Box is Structured:

Set Yourself Up for Success: The Planning Stage.

You will:

  • Begin your course planning the right way with a step-by-step tutorial on how to create the legendary Dr. Kelly Course Blueprint™. This blueprint has been used for hundreds upon hundreds of successful courses!
  • Build your sturdy foundation by determining who your learners are. 
  • Create the essential components of your online course with organized lesson planning worksheets that will clarify your course goals, learning goals, content and activities.

Become Exceptional: Constructing Stand-Out Course Design.

You will:

  • Take a behind-the-scenes look at different course structures and get the low-down on why they work.
  • Receive a video tour and illustrations of course types, emerge clear on which model is perfect for your course, and determine your best layout.
  • Select winning elements and features for your unique course that work for your style and your learners.

Build it Out Like a Boss: Tech, Strategy, and Creativity.


You will:

  • Learn how to choose the right course platform, set it up, and use the best software for your course.
  • Apply instructional and learning strategies for an outstanding student experience.
  • Then, we’ll spark your creativity with an arsenal of engaging online activities to provide to your students.

Review + Launch with Confidence.

You will:

  • Check your hard work! It’s time to review your course using quality standards from the e-learning field.
  • Ensure you have all the critical elements of a top-notch course by following a launch checklist.

Get Ready to Craft the Course Your Students Have Been Waiting for: E-Course in a Box is the resource that will FINALLY bring you from concept to completion.

E-Course in a Box is a PHENOMENAL resource and I say that with an extensive background in education and online technology…

the information is so impressive…such a game-changer, and more valuable than anything I anticipated.

…I applaud Kelly for the compilation of every resource imaginable in this course. She is truly devoted to this and the course reflects years of time…can’t thank her enough.


 The Teaching Style of 
 E-Course in a Box 

After decades of studying and improving instructional design – 15 of those focused on online learning – I’ve amassed quite a bit of intelligence on how to make courses exciting for all types of learners. E-Course in a Box is...

  • Engaging but also versatile – you can study it like an instruction manual from start to finish, or pick and choose topics and teaching resources that serve you at the time.
  • Continuously updated as new learning developments and technologies take place, so you’ll never have to worry about it losing relevancy.
  • Your accessible yet expert-level guide on the WHYS of course structure. Think theory without the boredom factor: you’ll walk away with an understanding of the vital logic behind specific course elements. No one else offers this!

 The Incredible Useful Materials   You'll Receive 

I’ve taken decades of deep educational theory and made
it accessible and easy for you, forever.

Planning Worksheets:
Comprehensive course crafting worksheets that clarify, instruct, 
and guide on the following:

  • Nailing your students’ learning style
  • Generating course ideas and attainable goals
  • Lesson planning with engaging activities
  • Further comprehension through audio ​instructions and written tips

​Course Design Diagrams:
You'll receive

  • Illustrated mockups of 6 different course layouts with full descriptions and explanations.
  • These mockups will help you visualize your course and determine which one will work best for you.
  • Each has been carefully selected to inspire ideas and demonstrate the execution of different types of courses.

​​Engaging Activities:
You'll receive

  • A descriptive list of activities that engage ​your learners and the best way to include them in a course - both online and offline.
  • This fantastic shortcut will save you tons of time + energy!

​Course Tours:
You'll receive

  • Video tours of live courses with narrated comments on the effective design.
  • These demonstrate the use of winning educational principles and strategies.

​​Technical Tutorials:
You'll receive

  • A guided tutorial on choosing a course platform by selecting the right criteria for over 20 platforms.
  • Step-by-step instructional videos on how to upload, setup and build a course using specific software while following sound instructional design strategies.

A to Z Resources:

You’ll receive everything you need to craft your amazing course, including...

  • An instructional manual of 130 pages.
  • An E-Course Launch Checklist.
  • An E-Course Quality Standards Checklist.

Who Is Dr. Kelly?

Hi there, I’m Dr. Kelly Edmonds. For my entire career, I’ve been passionately pursuing instructional design excellence—some have even called me a pioneer in the industry.

Besides my credentials, the most important thing you need to know about me is that I aim to create the very best online course resources on the market. I combine my extensive knowledge with the needs of course creators of today, and the end result is higher-quality, more competitive and longer-lasting value—for both you, and your students.

Because let’s face it: the online world is ALREADY stuffed to the gills with courses, and if yours isn’t amazing, it’s not going to survive in the market.

Is E-Course in a Box For You?

E-Course in a Box is for folks who want to create
results-driven, engaging, and meaningful courses.

It’s definitely for you if…

  • You’re sick of programs about course creation that are more about marketing and sales than actually crafting a fantastic course.
  • You’ve always wanted to teach but have been intimidated by the process of making an e-course.
  • You’ve created e-courses already, but know they could be more organized, more strategic, and provide a better learning experience for your students.
  • You love DIY projects and are eager to learn!

This is NOT for you if....

  • You’re community oriented or would like someone to help you through the process (in that case, my E-Course Creation Incubator Program might be perfect for you, which runs a couple times a year — watch for announcements on the next offer.)
  • You think you’d be better off with someone else crafting your E-Course. (Guess what? I do that too. How convenient!)

One last note about this course...

The “E-Course in a Box” idea was sparked when I visited the UN. On display in the educational department, they had a product for developing countries called “School-in-a-Box”— a metal box with a latch that contained notebooks, rulers, glue, and even blackboard paint. It was simple yet ingenious, and very moving.

See, I believe—with my entire being—that education affects all of us on a deep level. I also believe that online education is changing the learning landscape every second, and it has the potential do so much good in this world.

I believe that your course is part of that good.

I’ve created this product to accompany you on your journey—not just in E-Course creation—but in creating a more prosperous, genuine, sustainable life.

I just know that you’re going to be a fantastic teacher, and that this investment is more than just about the money—it’s about believing in yourself and your ability to teach online. That’s why I’ve set this product at the affordable price of $197—a price I have not changed for 3 years, keeping it affordable and accessible to everyone.

Dr. Kelly’s Feel Good Guarantee 

While I’m extremely excited for you to create your new course – I also know that sometimes purchases just don’t work out. However, I’m also dedicated to your teaching success!

That’s why my policy is this:

If after a one-on-one consult with me on whatever glitch, difficulty, or issue you’ve encountered with ​E-Course ​in a Box you still decide that the product is not for you, then I will gladly reimburse you. Please note, an unwillingness to do the work on your part does not count in this scenario.

Frequently Asked Questions

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