Create Your E-Course Blueprint:

Build an Amazing E-Course With Dr. Kelly’s Secret Weapon. 

*Create Your E-Course Blueprint is not another course it's the best guide on the market today to create an organized, cohesive, and well-structured online course with confidence.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Trying to create your course on your own and failing every time: even if you’ve done online courses yourself, the process of actually teaching and organizing lessons remains a mystery!
  • Coming up with really great ideas only to forget about them because you’re just too busy to figure out how to create a course.
  •  Buying programs that promise to teach you A-Z course creation, just to walk away with only knowledge about marketing and selling. (Which is frustrating, because you can’t market anything until you actually know HOW or WHAT to create in the first place!)
  • Putting off your course creation year after year until you wonder if you should just give up already. Sigh. 

Guess what. If any of the above describe you, it’s time to stop doing what you’ve been doing and switch to a method that actually works. 

So What If.........

You could create an amazing course—one that would be successful in its capacity to teach and captivate your learners?

And What If.........

You could create it using a tried and true expert-developed system that kept the learning process fun and easy? (AKA - no tearing out your hair!)?

You can.

(Even if you’re skeptical, I promise, it can be done!)

Enter... Create Your E-Course Blueprint

Create Your E-Course Blueprint is the best guide on the market today to create an organized, cohesive, and well-structured online course with confidence.

Because creating the core aspects of your course shouldn’t feel like going to an evil dentist.

In fact, you might even enjoy the process.

Create Your E-Course Blueprint is an in-depth tutorial that helps you design your course’s “map” so you know where you’re going, and how to get there.

You’ll uncover...


Your guiding big idea

How to create ​your course and lesson goals

​The best learning theory for your target market

How to map out your lessons to reach your goals

How to create focused lessons, activities, assessments and relevant resources

With this blueprint tucked under your arm, you can start building your course with confidence!

Create Your E-Course Blueprint is for you if you’re ready to finally create the course you’ve been envisioning—and do it with a structured, expert-approved system.

"This material is very digestible for somebody who has never come from an education background. It's quite easy to understand and apply."

Wendy Kotila, Business Coach, Startup Mentor and Teacher,


  • Confidence from Cohesion.

The foundational material will immediately set you up for success with core elements that’ll ensure your course is integrated.

  • Being Guided by an Industry Expert.

I’m with you every step of the way, starting with your Big Idea, all the way through to how to assess your students’ work. 

  • Feeling Secure, Proud and Excited.

Because you’re using a tried and true, research-backed, expert-developed course blueprint that ensures you craft a course with educational integrity.

  • Finally Following Through on Your Dream.

This course is created with the learner experience in mind (pretty meta, right?). You’ll stop procrastinating, stop feeling overwhelmed, and finally get your course underway.

  • Making Good Money from Your Course. 

Your course stands head and shoulders above your competition and you feel good about charging a premium price. 

Create Your E-Course Blueprint is the Powerful Solution You’ve Been Waiting For.

 My 20 Years of Wisdom + Strategy is Now Available to You. 

Over the last two decades, I’ve obtained:

  • A Doctorate of Education (EdD) in Higher Education Leadership 
  • A Master's of Education (MEd) in Educational Technology
  • A Bachelor’s of Education (BEd) in Adult Education
  • Tons of experience crafting courses for entrepreneurs, universities, and multimillion dollar companies
  • 29 presentations at national and international education conferences.
  • Seven educational awards 
  • Many happy students who’ve taken my courses and love their results.

I’ve distilled all that wisdom into exactly what YOU need to create a course that will be effective, fun, and empowering for your learners.

What Makes Create Your E-Course 
Blueprint Different...

One of the best parts of Create Your E-Course Blueprint is that it’s the exact system I’ve been using for years for my clients—this process is so valuable that I’ve even copyrighted it! However, I’ve tailored it just for course creators like yourself, so you can design like a pro (without any need to do any advanced degrees).  

Create Your E-Course Blueprint is based on sound teaching and learning principles and course design strategies, but it’s taught in an accessible, easy-to-follow way. I’ve had huge success with designing courses for clients worldwide in the entrepreneurial, corporate and academic sectors by following this design—time and time again.

In fact, I never create a course for a client without crafting my course blueprint first! With this blueprint system, you’ll have clarity to follow my guidance to craft a core framework for your course—after that, you’ll be able to easily create your materials without ever worrying that you’re going off track. 

The Dr. Kelly Standard Will Set You Apart from the Online Rabble.

The difference between creating a forgettable course and a remarkable one has to do with the LEARNER’S experience. In order for learners to gain value and fulfillment from your course, it must be engaging, cohesive and streamlined. 

Create Your E-Course Blueprint is THE best resource to create the best learners experience
Remember...once you create an amazing course
you can stand  behind, it’s easier to:

  • Charge more money
  • Expand your reach
  • Make the impact you’ve always wanted to
  • Help people in the best way possible 
  • Uplevel your online career

I loved the blueprint tutorial; as it gave me a step-by-step guide with which I was able to think through the ideas in my head and organise them in a structure.

It gave me great reassurance that Dr Kelly showed different educational models that I can use as a base to create my course around. I got the reassurance that all my ideas for knowledge transfer are now organised around a scientifically proven framework. Building the course with confidence for a demanding target group is very important for me.



How Create Your E-Course 
Blueprint is Structured:

1. Your Big Idea

You’ll conceptualize your course using guided visualization and complete a worksheet to capture your new ideas.

2. Your Core Design + Goals

You’ll be taught how to determine the core design and learning goals. This will set your strong foundation!

3. Following A Learning Theory

You’ll learn all about learning theories and choose the one that resonates most, setting your course’s tone and direction.

4. Effortless Lessons

We’ll drill down into what each lesson should look like given your chosen preferences. You’ll learn about content formatting, lesson approach, learning activities and essential resources.

5. Complete Your Blueprint

You’ll take all the great ideas you captured in the tutorial worksheets and complete your blueprint - the ultimate guide to build your course, step by step with confidence

The Teaching Style of 

Create Your E-Course Blueprint...

  • The design of this tutorial is meant to be the ultimate student experience—this is excellent because you’ll get to undergo the same learning process that you’ll then be creating for your students!
  • You’ll learn first hand how to divide lessons appropriately, offer just the right content, create activities & exercises, share examples, provide focused worksheets and present in appealing multimedia formats.

The Incredibly Useful Materials You’ll Receive: 

  • Audio Narrations 
  • Video Tutorials
  • Quizzes with Feedback
  • Illustrations & Examples
  • Worksheets & Templates

Who Is Dr. Kelly?

Hi there, I’m Dr. Kelly Edmonds. For my entire career, I’ve been passionately pursuing instructional design excellence—some have even called me a pioneer in the industry.

Besides my credentials, the most important thing you need to know about me is that I aim to create the very best online course resources on the market. I combine my extensive knowledge with the needs of course creators of today, and the end result is higher-quality, more competitive and longer-lasting value—for both you, and your students.

Because let’s face it: the online world is ALREADY stuffed to the gills with courses, and if yours isn’t amazing, it’s not going to survive in the market.

Is Create Your E-Course Blueprint ​For You?

Create Your E-Course Blueprint is for folks who want to create
results-driven, engaging, and meaningful courses but need a handy guide to map it out.

It’s definitely for you if…

  • You need a framework to create your course
  • You’re brand new, or fairly new, to course creation
  • You need solid, step-by-step instructions that are focused on creating a course, not on other business aspects, such as marketing
  • You’re frustrated with trying to create your course alone 
  • You’re ready to have fun and work hard at creating your new course (i.e. pressing that BUY NOW button will not magically create your course for you—if only!)

This is NOT for you if....

Dr. Kelly’s Feel Good Guarantee 

While I’m extremely excited for you to create your new course – I also know that sometimes purchases just don’t work out. However, I’m also dedicated to your teaching success!

That’s why my policy is this:

If after a one-on-one consult with me on whatever glitch, difficulty, or issue you’ve encountered with Create Your E-Course Blueprint you still decide that the product is not for you, then I will gladly reimburse you. Please note, an unwillingness to do the work on your part does not count in this scenario.

Frequently Asked Questions

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