Student Spotlight – What’s Your Purpose?

Name of course: What’s Your Purpose



This 8-week program takes you on a journey of self-discovery where you identify and align your unique priority values with your life’s meaning and purpose, so that you can move forward with confidence and clear direction.

The program offers a distinct 4-part success path that engages your mind, body and spirit in a whole systems learning approach to create sustainable change in your life. The program guides you through a process from dissolving your confusion, increasing awareness, overcoming resistance and developing systems for moving into the future.

Practical strategies, personal lessons and tools are presented to implement daily meaning and purpose so that your life purpose will be truly sustainable, despite circumstances.

Learning Objectives:

Students will;

  • gain clarity about their unconscious motivators so that they can accurately align their priorities with their desires and decisions.
  • gain confidence as they learn to internalize new ways of feeling, valuing and appreciating their reality.
  • learn strategies for dealing with life’s circumstances when life seems meaningless and become happier and content with their present as they move positively into the future.


Women and men experiencing a life change that makes them feel as though they have lost their sense of purpose.

Course Details:

The program delivers 8 weekly online modules consisting of 4-6 lessons.

  • Most lessons takes 5-10 minutes to complete.
  • Videos, workbooks, and audio recorded awareness exercises all help ensure learning takes place on multiple levels for greater integration and retention.

The two unique benefits of this program are the online values inventory survey that generates personalized infographics that are used as maps for your life.

The second unique component are the daily awareness practices including daily movement lessons and guided meditations from two experienced practitioners with more than 40 years of experience.

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Fundamental Course, Part 1: $197

  • Your Unique Values Survey & Report
  • Pre-requisite to the Personal Mastery Course
  • Access to the online comprehensive survey
  • 28 page report containing 10 personalized Infographics to use as your Life Maps
  • 9 lessons that deliver & help you read the essential maps for your life journey
  • Follow-up webinar to review your maps

Premium Program, Part 2: $397

  • Personal mastery
  • 6 modules that will help you identify, create & sustain positive life change
  • 34 lessons designed to maximize your learning and sustain your change
  • 6 Weekly Group Calls for guidance, encouragement and Q&A

Exclusive Program, PART 1 & 2: $797

  • Includes personal coaching services
  • Receive 6 weekly personal calls to focus on your progress and development
  • Improve your clarity and advance your progress with personal and private attention

NOTE: From Dec 6-15: What’s Your Purpose: The Foundational Program, will be offered as a bonus to anyone purchasing Michael Hyatt’s, Independent Study or VIP program, 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever.

Creator’s Comments:

Everyone who completes the online values inventory is excited and often surprised by the results. They learn something new and unexpected about themselves that enables them to understand their past and direct their future with greater acceptance and confidence.

An interesting story is the time I conducted the online values inventory for a group of 20 people, who prior to the survey selected family as one of their priority values. However, after they completed the survey, less than a handful of people had family as one of their priorities. Clarifying accurate priority values enables people to understand the source of their conflicts and align their goals with their motivators.

Working With Kelly

Kelly’s course helped me appreciate how online learning is different from the classroom and this was important learning for me as a former teacher. In a way, it is easier to address the different learning styles of individuals online but is it also a lot more work.

Rather than beginning the course design by considering the content, Kelly stressed the importance of clarifying the desired outcomes first, and then work backwards to ensure that the content met the goals and learning objectives.”

In a nutshell…

Kelly is incredibly supportive and encouraging, and is able to grasp the essence of what a teacher is trying to achieve to provide effective strategies and suggestions to successfully create an awesome course. She understand the importance of how information should be presented for maximum learning and retention – this is what will ensure student success and happy clients.

~ RonaLynn Fitzpatrick, Creator of What’s Your Purpose

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