Course Spotlight – The Weaving Workshop

Name of course: The Weaving Workshop “Ground. Path. Fruition.’



Ground. Path. Fruition.’ is designed to motivate, inspire, and challenge handweavers to focus on their creative weaving process and engage in weaving as a meditative practice while exploring materials and media.

Learning Objectives:

This self-paced e-course is a study that will inspire woven swatch development, provide practical information and review of basic weaving structures, along with readings and discussions for the group to share thoughts and connections about fabric making.

Through this learning journey, weavers work on developing their personalized weaving practice while engaging with others in The Weaving Workshop Facebook Group, and sharing studies on Pinterest & Instagram.

The course goals are:

  • Be inspired to weave
  • Find inner direction at the loom
  • Explore, have fun and create within a community of weavers
  • Experimentation with material, texture, form, and color
  • Understand basic woven structures so works have integrity


The audience for this course is anyone with experience setting up a handloom. Both beginner and intermediate students are engaged by the creative practice offered by ‘Ground. Path. Fruition.’

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Course Details:

  • The course is designed to be self-paced with lessons delivered over 6 weeks.
  • Several times throughout the year, the course is offered as a group study where students are directly engaged with the instructor and meet in The Weaving Workshop Facebook on a weekly basis for office hours.
  • The Weaving Workshop utilizes additional social media platforms in order to share the work completed in the course. Students post images of texture for inspiration on a Pinterest board and share their progress at the loom on Instagram tagged with #theweavingworkshop hashtag. Weavers from around the globe are encouraged to participate in sharing on all of the social media platforms to bring interest to their personal weaving practice.

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The Weaving Workshop is powered by Teachable. Videos lessons are accessed in the Teachable school and are hosted on Wistia.


Basic enrollment is $299; master enrollment is $399; and master enrollment plus creative coaching is $499.

Course Testimonials:

“Brittany opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities one’s creativity can achieve. She encouraged me to see in new ways and this formed the base of what kind of weaver I have become. I will always be thankful for her class and what it made possible for me as a weaver”
– Pradnya Korde, Creative Director, Black Pepper Dessin

“Ground, Path, Fruition” was the push I needed to get back at the loom and get weaving again. A perfect class for a beginner, or advanced weaver, the course is more about using the skills you already have in a new and creative way. I was so excited with my finished product that I immediately put on another warp. I especially loved meeting new weavers from around the world and sharing our work with each other.”
– Kristin Crane, Designer

Creator’s Comments:

“Dr. Kelly’s free E-Course Starter Kit and live webinars that she offered in the Fall 2015 helped me articulate my lessons and learning objectives. As a group member in the Facebook Group “E-Learning Rocks” I was able to post updates and get some quick feedback from the community. Using her guidelines I was able to get clear about how to deliver my course content and launch my course quickly! I am so happy to be able to teach again using online technology. And grateful for the insight and direction Dr. Kelly so thoughtfully provided me.” ~ Brittany McLaughlin

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